Shearer’s gang or is it the last supper?

The Listener had an article by Trevor Mallard Jane Clifton about ongoing coup against David Shearer.

In it was a brilliant photo that left much un-said.

I thought I’d add some of the things that the photo spoke to me:

Listener - Shearer's Gang


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  • David Shearer is just fortunate that the fish and chip shop across the road from Parliament where Labour’s Fish ‘n’ Chip gang of the 80’s nourished themselves is long gone…

    • Bunswalla

      Are you kidding? Back in the day it took about 2 seconds to put the order in – 20 fish and chips mate! Good old shark and taties.

      Now it would take them so long to work out what they wanted and put the order in, the shop would be closed before they decided on panko-crumbed organic snapper from environmentally sustainable fisheries, the vegan sausage coated in gluten-free batter, the vegan lady-sausage (to not offend the man-banners), the hand-cut agria beer-battered chips (hold the beer), the spring roll, hold on – remove the spring roll we don’t like China’s human rights record, the potato fritters providing no actual potatoes were harmed during the making. Oh, and make sure the greasies are cooked in organic olive oil hand-picked and cold-pressed by virgins, and wrapped in recycled gender-neutral newsprint made from vegetable-dyes etc etc.

      • LabTested

        ..and a need to check that the spotty 18 yr old cooking the chips is being paid a Living Wage

      • Dave

        Buns, the Labour supporters all ask for their Fish and Chips to be wrapped in the horrid, it is the only way they can afford to read the Horrid, and it helps the Horrid’s circulation.

      • Col

        ‘Do you want Greens with that”

    • spiker

      There’s nothing like Southern Blue Cod – but then, the lefties couldn’t bring themselves to say “blue.” There’s a kick in the cod-piece for Sheep coming up.
      The chip shop should charge them extra to make up in advance for the tax rape they will commit when they eventually get in.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Annette King and David Parker seem to be in their own little world away from the table. Are they discussing the appropriate phrasing of an internal communication ?

  • johnbronkhorst

    Robertson on breakfast, about Auckland and public transport….described as labour’s leader….just a slip?

    • Mallard the duck

      Robertson: ” Hands up all in favor of DS being leader…..?????” ” what ? No show of hands???” woo hoo…Hands up , me the next leader…..?….WoW! everybody!!!!

  • Col

    Lianne, thank god I don’t have to deal with this lot, once I am Mayor.
    Old Cunny, what ever you say here I will tell you what I want in a few months.
    I see Shane Jones is not here, must be watching Porno.

  • LabTested

    Looks like they have already downsized their office space in preparation for next years election results

  • Liberty


    “ It would be more stimulating reading Whale oil”

  • Michael

    Chippie thinks, “Whoever is next leader will need a loyal deputy…”

  • TC in NZ

    That’s a well-rehearsed look on Cunliffe’s face…the “Don’t blame me, I’m not part of this circus” look.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Folks – to me it looks like Sheep’s first cabinet meeting after the 2014 election….Remember Hippies, Winston First and Horny Hone will be ministers outside the cabinet? Sheep in control and that is good news for Kiwis who are looking to get cheap power and cheap housing.