Slacker causes major parking SNAFU

With me being the slacker.  Once again I was busy and then took off for selfish reasons and the parking posts have been backing up in my email.  So here we go:

Hi Cam

I don’t if this quite applies as bad parking, but this is an example of parking that occurs on a regular basis in China. It was taken in downtown Changchun, northern China. They were sitting there for about 15 mins on quite a busy roundabout that’s probably 4 or 5 lanes wide (road markings only provide a rough guide). I waited a while for the shot and took the opportunity to capture the funny little 3 wheel car of which there are many of them buzzing around the north like a rash.

In the end someone arrived with some jumper leads and they were both on their merry way.

Anyway, the Chinese way…



While I havent been a fan of the parking segment this one is better than some.   Why be arrogant and take up two parks when you can take up four?

What I would love to see are two lefthand drive motorcycles with sidecars and two right had motorcycles with sidecars parking in the four corners.
To be fair they were attending a non urgent car accident.
Russley golf course. Christchurch. Wednesday the 3rd of July
And here we have one with a ticket on it!  YES!
This is a repeat offender. I sent you some photos of the same vehicle a couple of weeks ago. Ticket duly served.
photo 1
photo 2
I got a ripper of a photo of terrible parking on the weekend. This guy parked outside a restaurant on Dominion Rd, went into a shop and hadn’t come out when I left half an hour later. Just wish I had had a WOBH parking ticket with me.

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  • Bunswalla

    If you see the repeat offender again, a quick call to the Council will get him towed for blocking a driveway.

  • Orange

    These posts are so daft without broken glass.

  • P1LL

    I think there is nothing wrong with the black Subaru’s parking. The cock on the left is over the lines so the sub driver parked to avoid getting a door ding . The others are just shit head parkers LOL
    You should see the abysmal parking up here in Whangarei in the red shed parking lot .

    • BigDes

      I agree, the sub don’t want a ding and he’s not taking any one else’s park

    • Arran Hunt

      Completely disagree. The guy on the left is only on the line, that doesn’t give the Subaru driver the right to park way over the line. The fact that he doesn’t want to get a ding shouldn’t allow bad parking.