Sledge of the Day

Tony Abbott gives it to Kevin Rudd, hard.

Mr Abbott said Mr Rudd hadn’t really terminated the carbon tax and had instead admitted it was hurting business and families.

‘He’s not the terminator, he’s the exaggerator,’ he said.

‘The only way to get rid of the carbon tax is to get rid of the government.’  

No one really believes Kevin Rudd and his promises to dilut the carbon tax for an ETS. Abbott was responding to Rudd’s claims that he is terminating the tax.

Kevin Rudd says shifting the carbon tax to an emissions trading scheme in 2014 will save households about $380 a year.

The $3.8 billion, four-year cost of fast-tracking the carbon pricing regime means Labor must make budget savings, including public service job cuts and changes to fringe benefits tax breaks.

‘The government has decided to terminate the carbon tax,’ Mr Rudd told reporters in Townsville on Tuesday.

Under the plan, which would be implemented if Labor wins the federal election, the carbon price would fall from a fixed $25.40 a tonne in 2014/15 to around $6 a tonne under the floating regime.

Labor will make up the gap with $3.9 billion in savings, half of which will come from removing a tax concession on the personal use of salary-sacrificed or employer-provided cars and cutting about 800 public service jobs.


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  • GazzW

    This move by Rudd must be infuriating the greens. Has labor cut themselves loose from their partnership?

    • Dave

      Krudd is a bit of a loose cannon, its about what Kevin wants although he is a brilliant media front person. Very charismatic and likeable, communicates very very well, Labour need him for this campaign. Unfortunately, Tony Abbott comes across as a very dull shade of Grey in comparison.

  • Kiwikea

    the exaggerator – could see that sticking for the election….

  • cows4me

    This is what happens when idiot politicians trade in something invisible, plentiful, essential for life and natural but is the scapegoat for imaginary problems, the result is very real suffering by their citizens. The fuckers should be hung at dawn.