Sunday general debate

Good morning and welcome to the Sunday general debate. A few possible topics for discussion:

  • Labour Labia Party’s Man Ban proposal
  • convention centre deal
  • Edward Snowden offered asylum by Nicaragua and Venezuela
  • Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker’s decision not to run for the next election
  • the Egyptian military’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood




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  • Simon P

    It’s a no brainer for Edward Snowden. Venezuela, the woman are much hotter there.

    • rockape

      Looking at the photos of him, I am not sure he would be that interested.

      • Travis Poulson

        Looking at the photos of him, I am not sure the women of Venezuela would be that interested.

    • MrAuz1989

      He also needs to remember to pack toilet paper, rice, beans, cooking oil and a plug for the hand basin.

  • williamabong

    If the people of Christchurch value their city, find a reputable mayoral candidate and quick, if they think the earthquake was destructive wait till Patsy and the Labia Party get lose with the cheque book.

    • GregM

      The people of Auckland need to do the same.

      • williamabong

        Sorry Greg, it’s too late for Jaffaland, but the Auckland case study is exactly the reason the voters of Ch Ch need to pull their heads out of their bums and look around.
        The first step would be to pour some disinfectant into the shit stain the the Press has become, it is chasing the Herald hard to become the leading faecal wiper for the country.

    • Col

      Old Jim said that Lianne was the best for the job, as no one else had the credentials or knowledge as Lianne has. but old Jim said someone will come out of the woodwork, but they won’t have the credentials and they would be a waste of time.

    • Col

      Want to know how good Lianne is, well she don’t give a fuck about wasting money does she, and that is yours and mine. One fucking Bye Election because she wants to stand for Mayor, good fucking start. But then that is what happens when your been with Labour for a while.

  • Greg

    What’s NZ’s reaction to the Egyptian military’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Remember how the government here went off over Fiji. Would be interesting.

    • thor42

      I say “good job” by the military.

      The Brotherhood are on record (written record – their own documents) saying that they are seeking to undermine and overthrow the US (and probably other countries as well). Anything that hinders or damages the Brotherhood is fine with me.

      • AnonWgtn

        Morsi’s intention was to have an Iranian Theocracy, with an already appointed Ayatollah (who was luxuriating in a multi million seaside mansion).
        The young of Egypt are now well educated and savvy to the western world with open first class education, no burkas for women, except those in the Muslim community of course.
        They do not want to be taken back to the middle ages as Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood wanted.
        In the elections last year several parties got elected, with many of them actually being undercover Muslim Brotherhood Party supporters. After the elections they all came together as one religious body.
        Within a year the Ayatollah would be welcomed like the new Christ and then the Iranisation would start, with all being subservient to the Ayatollah running the theocratic country assisted by his selection of Mullahs.
        Without a doubt women would be the first losers, being banned for education and other Koranic terms as dictated by the Supreme Leader.
        Morsi would be responsible for everything other than the Koran dictatorship.

    • my reaction is “bloody good job”…The army has always been in control in Egypt and probably always has been. There was never a “democratically” elected government, there was a militarily tolerated government.

  • blokeintakapuna

    See #3. I gave him a serve, but don’t think NBR will let my comment through.

    Has Cam/Whale Oil ever said nasty things about Bob’s wife? Don’t think so….

    • Muffin

      Not to my knowledge…..libel much?

      • Teletubby

        I recall WO commenting on his wife but it was hardly a personal attack. It was quite rightly questioning the legitimacy of her having an office at the council headquarters and being involved in things that she had no mandate to be involved in since she was not elected by the citizens or employed by the council.
        For the record I think Bob Parker did a fine job in the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes, with his media background he had exactly the skills that were needed but he does not have the skills that Christchurch now needs from their Mayor so it is time for him to move on. In fact it was probably that time a year ago.

    • I commented that Morticia had set herself up in an office and managed to get herself into the trough…

  • rockape

    Labours on-going woes,here is what I think is going on. When a party starts to look like its going no-were but down, a couple of things happen. They look to allocate blame and the factionalize. The first of these manifests itself in blaming either the leader, or those who vote for them. You can see this happening now, poor old Shearer in the firing line and the voters, “just dont understand ” their policies. Last to get the blame are those who are to blame, the caucus for puting their voters in second place behind their doctrine.
    The second thing that happens is that as the potential number of MPs drop the party splits. You have a group who say “If only we stuck to our Union /left wing principals “we would be OK. The others say, we need to recover the middle ground. Once you have these groups, what happens next is the division where each group tries to gain strength at the expense of the other. They are both inwardly saying ” if we are to have only25 MPs, then we will make damn sure they are our Mps” The infighting that ensues destroys the party and it inevitably splits in two. Each looking for alliances to strengthen their “cause”
    Its happening now and its happening to Labour.I wouldnt be surprised to see us facing two Labour parties before the election. Lab/green and Lab/nz first by election time, yes, that soon.

    • Polish Pride

      excellent observation

    • Tiberius

      That would be interesting to watch, but what will the bastard children of this Labour be called?

      • rockape

        Well its not for me to pick the name but New Labour and The labour workers party have a certain ring. Mind you if this week is anything to go by it could be New Labour and Labour(Women only) party.

      • cows4me

        Will be some fancy hyphen name like Labia-used.

        • williamabong

          Don’t you mean some fancy hymen name.

  • Lion_ess

    Labia Party – Lol. A way more relevant name for this pack of pansies in 2013.