Teacher Union busted telling lies

The NZEI has been busted telling lies about Charter Schools.

There should be no surprises in this, they will do anything, including lying, in order to protect the inept and the lazy.

A US study, which a New Zealand teachers’ union has used to back up its claims that charter schools are failing, says they are actually helping struggling students.

A study by Stanford University’s Centre for Research on Educational Outcomes was referenced by the NZEI in its argument against charter schools being introduced in New Zealand.

A statement from the union says the 2013 study, which looked at charter schools in 26 states, found that the taxpayer-funded privately run schools do not justify their existence.

“It backs what educationalists in New Zealand have been saying all along – that charter schools are not the answer to improving educational outcomes for children,” said national president Judith Nowotarski.

“We’re extremely concerned that the government is about to use New Zealand children as guinea-pigs in an ideologically driven experiment when there is absolutely no evidence to show that charter schools will improve their education.”

But the study paints a different picture. ?


It found charter school students had greater learning gains in reading than their peers in traditional public schools while there were equivalent learning gains in mathematics.

“The results reveal that the charter school sector is getting better on average and that charter schools are benefiting low-income, disadvantaged, and special education students,” said Dr Margaret Raymond, director of the centre.

According to the research, students in poverty, black students and those learning English gain most in both reading and maths compared to their traditional public school peers.

The NZEI?obviously?doesn’t care about the poor, Maori, Pasifika, disadvantaged or special education. They are liars, proven now.

You have to ask though…How come the media printed the teacher union claims without checking the study in the first place?