The Edward Snowden of the restaurant business

and a follow up vid



Question: if everything was ok, why did they fire the manager?

obxKTrS - Imgur


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  • Peej

    Phew, six posts in a row which are not Labour bashing or paranoia! (Unless the goat one had something subliminal.)

    • Gotta have a bit of a break, but never fear Labour bashing will resume tomorrow morning at 0700

  • P1LL

    My tip is , If you cant see the kitchen do not eat there.

    • Travis Poulson

      Apparently in some countries it is unacceptable to piss in the corner of the kitchen. Bloody control freaks.

  • motorizer

    I havnt eaten at an all you can eat buffet since moving back to new zealand. ….. I must be living in poverty.