The five reasons why left wingers are pure evil

Tim Stanley writes at the Telegraph in response to a claim by a left wing blogger in the uK that right wingers are evil. He gives his 5 reasons why left wingers are pure evil.

The Labour-supporting blogger Sunny Hundal has done his bit for world peace?by declaring that Right-wingers are all ?evil?. Obviously, it?s political hyperbole at its most silly. But this kind of rhetoric is increasingly common among Left-wingers who think that conservatives who want to reform welfare, stop the NHS from killing people or make sure kids can leave school with the ability to tie their own shoe-laces are ? to use Sunny?s words ? ?heartless bastards.?

So if we?re going to play this game of tit-for-tat, I?d like to offer evidence that it?s the?Left?that?s pure evil rather than the right. Aside from hating freedom and the baby Jesus, they also commit these five mortal sins without any thought for the rest of us.

He lists the 5 reasons…Ill try and put a NZ context on them.

1. Bad stand-up comedy.?Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought a comedian was a fat man in a tux who came on stage and told jokes. But Left-wingers will laugh at something not because it?s funny but because they think they?re supposed to ? which been an enormous boon to the careers of “alternative” comedians like ?Jeremy Hardy, Josie Long, Robin Ince, Mark Thomas and Marcus Brigstocke (seriously, folks, I?ve known colonoscopies that are funnier than Marcus Brigstocke). Their acts are basically George Galloway speeches with a laughter track added and one of their favourite targets are the ?fascist simpletons? who believe in God. Oddly, though, they never pick on fundamentalist Muslims. They can?t seem to see the funny side of having a fatwa put on their head. ?

We see this every week on 7 Days…a motley collection of un-funny comedians slagging off the government with snide remarks and inane cock jokes. Jeremy Elwood is another such un-funny comedian.

2. They all seem to be about 12 years old.?My old nan used to complain that policemen were getting younger and younger, but the same now applies to Labour politicians. And for some reason it?s become a requirement that Left-wing pundits look like Blue Peter presenters ? all opened-necked shirts, spiky hair and shiny, shiny faces. Would it surprise you if Sunny, Ellie, Owen or Laurie broke away from a debate on globalisation to tell the audience?how to build a Thunderbird Tracy Island?out of pipe cleaners and a plastic bottle?

Our ?left wing pundits are more grunge crossed with hippy and a bit of hipster. Look no further than Martyn Bradbury followed by Damien Christie and a bit of highbrow hipster from Russell Brown.

3. They care about what famous people think about things.?Barbara Windsor is a lifelong Conservative, but you wouldn?t know that because she doesn?t drop it into every conversation. On the other hand, we all know the politics of Ben Elton, Stephen Fry, Ross Kemp, Tony Robinson and Eddie Izzard?because they never shut up about it. Eddie Izzard is even thinking of running for Mayor of London; if so, I hope the Tories go tit-for-tat and run the Chuckle Brothers against him. It?s a strange thing about the Left that while they claim to be egalitarian they go all weak at the knees when they discover that a rich famous person supports their cause. It can backfire ??no one?s going to be inviting Alec Baldwin to their gay wedding.

Sigh…Lucy Lawless, Robyn Malcolm…

4. They?re willing to give murderers the benefit of the doubt.There?s nothing more annoying than a Leftie in a Che Guevara t-shirt ? a racist sociopath who helped to establish a regime that butchered all its opponents and threw into jail anyone who was ?a bit camp?. But Left-wing sympathy for patently bad people is typical. One campaign that irritates me more than any other is the crusade to allow prisoners to vote, as if we want to give a democratic voice to convicted fraudsters and lunatics who think they have a mandate from God to kill their grandma and wear her scalp as a hat. If this stupid idea ever gains any ground, the only upshot would be that politicians might have to start canvasing in maximum-security prisons. Oh, how I?d dearly like to see Nick Clegg beg Ian Brady for his vote.

Labour here are campaigning to give prisoners the vote, cuddling up to career criminals like Arthur Taylor.

5. They think that people who don?t share their opinions are evil.?Left-wingers are the most tolerant people on earth ? until they encounter someone who disagrees with them. Disagreement offends their sense of righteousness, and turns champions of free speech and free love into 17th-century Puritans. If you don?t believe me, follow this simple exercise. A) Post this article on your Facebook page. B) Take note of all the people who write that ?Tim Stanley is the love child of Adolf Hitler and Kenneth Williams AND HE SHOULD BE SHOT.” C) Unfriend those people immediately. That?ll sort the Right-wing wheat from the Left-wing chaff.

Let’s see what happens now.