The Purple Waterway [GALLERY]

Reader and commenter Whafe has been for a walk and sent in some pics of the Purple Waterway I blogged about earlier.

Hi Cam

This waterway is very close to the office.

Shot out for a quick little sorte to Pavilion Drive, attached a few pics, a crude map with my markings of where pics were taken…

It is hard to say where it has come from, being tidal waterway, can’t sort of say if it is upstream or downstream. However where pic 5 is taken, that was the most heavy coloured area…. 

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  • Donovan Jackson

    Good job Whafe…

  • John1234

    I was of the understanding that the dye was spilled somewhere within Auckland Airport and then went into the stream via stormwater drains.

    • Have a look at the map and tell me how it could have run uphill from the Airport and then downhill again into the creek

      • John1234


        Stormwater systems start from the surface and run downhill underground down to sea level. It matters not that the ground surface level rises up and down above the level of the pipes.

        The source of the spill was a bulk store *adjacent* to the Airport land.:

        “The dye escaped from a bulk container in the industrial area beside Auckland Airport and flowed into the stormwater system yesterday.

        It then entered the tidal Oruarangi Stream before flowing into the harbour between Oruarangi Rd and Puketutu Island.”

        • Whafe

          I hadn’t seen that info John1234. I am thinking then it is one of the businesses very close, to Mondial (using it as a reference point).
          Where I am located in Airpark Drive, another division of the company unload containers, they have to put bunding around the storm water drains etc etc…. Am thinking thsi company didn’t, obviously….
          They should be slammed, because all the money spent on this compliance, all businesses should do it….
          And am a righty, but spilling crap into water ways is not on…

          • John1234

            I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of this – the council (or whoever) will most probably be gathering evidence for a prosecution.

            When they say “industrial area beside the airport” it could mean just about anywhere in the general vicinity.

    • Whafe

      Can’t see how that is at all possible. Take a look at the map link Cam first posted up this morning. It is quite an old photo. My image #1 is showing where the photos were taken from. There is additional buildings.. Image #5 is the most purple type area. I would hazard a guess that it is close to the source, or where the spill was…. I to may have had it wrong as to being an ag packaging company…
      The vast majority of the businesses next to this pic #5 are import companies like Mondial etc…
      Again, thinking out loud, I would think a package has broken etc etc… It could well have been a 1000L pod or such like….

      • John1234

        It simply comes down to where the stormwater drain exits. It can start anywhere else that is higher. The direction of the drainage system isn’t from the surface drain direct to the exit. They all connect into a mainline somewhere.

        • Whafe

          Where the article states: The source of the spill was a bulk store *adjacent* to the Airport land…
          People assume it is right next to the airport, but I think it means Airport Oaks way….
          The area in between the actual Airport and Airport Oaks is vacant land, some is gowing Mesculin / Fancy Lettuce etc….
          So dont think it would be storm water pipes from the actual airport to the area I showed that had the darkest purple remnants

          • John1234

            I know the area – I also work there, well, a day a week or so.
            Don’t forget that stormwater drains run downhill to pick up a branch line that runs downhill to pick up a main line. Along the way there can even be pumping stations if necessary so it can step uphill as required (unlikely this close to the sea). The main and branch lines were laid out when the area was subdivided from farm land. So the property’s drain line could run at right angles or even away from the to the general flow direction to the outlet.

          • Whafe

            Good point, either way, time will tell us more…….

  • Kopua Cowboy

    If a dairy farmer gets pinged letting a tiny amount of effluent dribble into a creek, they will be hit with a 30k fine. Being the consistent lawmakers they are, I’d be looking at council to see how very damaging this is, and hit the company with a 100k fine. Oh yeah, and start prosecuting themselves whenever sewerage has to be let go during heavy rain too!

  • cows4me

    Maybe they were dying Lenny’s robes, purple is the sign of royalty is it not?

  • Bunswalla

    It was Alvin Purple done it, I’d bet money on it