The smell of burning toast



David Shearer is toast, and no amount of carping and whinging by the left wing and out of the loop Labour MPs can say otherwise.

Labour leader David Shearer is demanding a fair go after his MPs united last night to rubbish coup rumours.

The rumours started brewing late Monday night and gained intensity yesterday morning after speculation surfaced that MPs had started circulating a letter of no confidence.

The three MPs said to be circulating the letter – Andrew Little, Clayton Cosgrove and Shane Jones – were adamant, however, that there was no letter and labelled the rumours “crap”.  

Little and one-time leadership contender Cunliffe are both understood to have privately approached Shearer  to assure him they were not trying to destabilise his leadership.

Feelings ran high last night after the rumours started circulating on social media with a number of furious Labour MPs taking to Twitter to angrily denounce talk of a leadership coup.

But the speculation will further destabilise Shearer’s leadership and heaps further pressure on him to turn around perceptions it is on borrowed time.

His stand up yesterday was a train wreck and his over-riding of the party, the president and the NZ Council shows the disdain he has for them. There will be consequences for those undemocratic actions and it is already starting via social media. Former Young Labour vice-president, Sonny Thomas, speaks out:



What we are seeing is a classic destabilisation attack on David Shearer. He has become increasingly isolated and is literally a man alone.

No one will admit to the leadership challenge, but there is one happening, with senior MPs talking timeframes with gallery journalists, the abandonment of support, and the deliberate white-anting.

It doesn’t matter whether or not there was or is a physical letter, for all intents and purposes there is though a metaphorical letter, and that letter is drawing a close to the inept and failed leadership of David Shearer.

Caucus will have got another set of poll results from labour’s internal pollsters, that is if thy have paid the bills, and yet again their numbers would have had a two in the front of them as they have done for weeks on end.

The next Roy Morgan poll will be critical, I’m not sure though that David Shearer can hope for another out of sync poll from them to save him anymore.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    The letter is being kept in a safe place – right next to the GCSB tape…

  • steve and monique

    Writing has been on the wall for a while now. Do not think they know, that NZ is sick of their brand of politics,and not Shearer(mind you he does not help himself). As an aside, I Wonder if the Pakeha party will get off the ground??.

  • Michael

    Please Labour, please keep Shearer. Sincerely, the National Party.

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      Make that, “very, very sincerely…”

    • Justsayn

      We should also be focusing on some of his replacements just in case…

      Was it Chicken Little’s union mates that came up with the man ban in the first place?

      Do you think Shane’s interest in porn will help him interpret the moaning from the Suffragette Section? Surely he would at least see the benefit of all girl electorate action.

    • dyannt

      Would it make much difference who replaces Shearer? The potential replacements all look pretty useless.

      • Michael

        But not as useless as Shearer. His media stand up yesterday was an unmitigated disaster. He forgot his lines, answered questions like he was on oath, and got testy with reporters who asked incisive questions. Key will wipe the floor with him in a televised debate, Labour will find how low its votes can really go next year under Shearer.

  • Shoreboy57

    “Labour leader David Shearer is demanding a fair go”. FFS, its not tiddlywinks

  • AnonWgtn

    Getting rid of Shearer will not actually help the Labour Party.
    There are two Labour Parties, and they are getting further and further apart.

    One is the Labour Parliamentary Wing (Caucus).

    The other is the Labour Party – those outside Parliament, but controllers of Labour Policy.

    There are some who are quietly with a foot in both camps I suspect, like Grant Robertson and the women’s ManBan movement, who are very close to Timmy Barnett (former Christchurch, one homosexual policy, MP) now the General secretary of the Labour Party.

    The twain are getting further apart as non electability looms, and frustration and bad tempers set in.

  • nudgy

    Overheard in the corridors of power this morning …”21 today 21 today I’ve of got the key to the door haven’t had 21 before “…..(21 out of 34 = 60%approx)

  • David

    Back to the U.N. gravy train soon for Shearer.