This could happen for Labour too

Labour in New Zealand needs to look across the ditch for some inspiration for dealing with their woeful leadership.

Reflecting on the mood on the ground, the Rudd backer adds: ”It’s gone from pessimism to optimism with one leadership vote.”

It took 3 long years of under-mining and white-anting but Kevin Rudd finally took back the leadership.

Now Labor has a hope, albeit a faint one.

Right now Labour, under David Shearer has no hope, they are clinging to the belief that MMP will get them there and that beltway issues will become national issues. 

They continue to wed their electoral fortunes to manufactured scandal and intrigue. In a years time as people contemplate going to the polls they won’t care too much about an opposition banging on about Kim Dotcom, a free convention centre or something called the GCSB. Right now that is all they have got.

Not even John Campbell can keep those memes running for them for over a year.

Meanwhile the economy continues to strengthen, all the key economic indicators are going in the right direction and labour appears out of touch, and out to lunch, especially with distractions like the Man Ban.


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  • rockape

    Sorry for long winded post. But have had forced time to think about Labours woes while on my back in Hospital for a few days. To win an election you have to be doing what your core voters want or they do one of two things. 1,go to another party that meets their needs or 2, dont vote . Although Labour are muddling along at30 +% dont be fooled. Thats in answer to which party do you support,you can take from that figure those who support Labour, but feel let down by their policies and wont vote .
    National are getting mid 40s reason they are doing what their voters largely want and are heading the country in the right direction. Labour has been highjacked by academics,and the Unions and are no longer offering much for the working man or the low paid worker. The Greens will lose support once the Greenies realise that the party of 10 years ago has been hijacked by the millitant left. Maori will come back as they are aceiving something for Maori while in Government. Manna will die off, they will always be radicles and seperatist and they will never be in Government. NZ first is a dying party with no substance held together by a charismatic leader(if you like that sort of thing) ACt and Dunne parties will sink or swim as National desires,neither will survive otherwise .Labours support will probably remain at around 30% till the election reguardless of their leader but their core problem wont go away. Not much tallent,rubbish policies and not appealing to their core voters.
    In the absense of a poll this weel I predict for the election.
    National 48%
    Labour 28%
    Greens 10%
    NZfirst4%-no seat
    Mana 1 seat
    Maori 3 seats
    Dunne 1 seat
    ACT 1 seat
    Conservatives 2% no seats.

    • Dave

      Hope you are recovering Rock – best wishes

      • rockape

        3 months on crutches then back to marathon training!

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Get well soon rockape. I hope the hospital medicines administered by uncle Tony Ryall has not messed up your mind. Labour will never sink to 28%. They will get 33% and Greens 12%. NZ First will get 6% with Mana’s 1 seat, they will have a working majority and the new uncle of Maori party will also join the government. Game over son.

    • Rob

      Contrary to popular belief, Labour do have a succession
      plan. After Shearer is rolled, there will be a 4-way fight for the leadership
      between Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow. My money is on Wi Tu Lo, their in-house pollster.

      • Dumrse

        Don’t forget the dark horse outsider…..Wun Hung Lo

  • rockape

    Will Labours leadership woes be resolved. No! I cant think of a single person with the experience, charisma and leadership to unite such a fragmented party. If he/she comes from the academics the unions and workers will be pissed off. From the unions and Labours intelectuals will revolte. So no hope a leadership change will make other than a temporary difference. National suffered this way till JK came along. Shearer was supposed to be Labours JK;he isnt. Labour basically are munted until that leader appears, and I dont see him in the current opposition benches yet.

  • Col

    Yes you will have the hard heads who vote Labour and will never change.
    But those who have voted for other parties and have a few clues will be happy with National at present, reason being, this Govt has done a good job under the circumstances, and if you look back at what Labour and Greens wanted our situation would be knee deep in the shit if they were the Govt.
    All I can say thank God for JK and the National Party, and yes people are returning to NZ from Aussy, the only reason they went was because Labour paint such a bad picture of NZ then. This lot coming back will kick Labour in the ass for saying NZ was in the shit.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Garden gnome Campbell is keeping his powder dry folks. Watch out for his explosive show with Dotcon where Dotcon will present evidence that Key lied to the public. That will sink National like the Exclusive Brethren episode sank Brash in 2005.

  • Angry Tory

    Rail loop. School meals. Terrorist flag on the harbour bridge

    Labour is simply irrelevant to NZ. Voters who think Labou is relevant should simply be discounted. (OK or ideally shot)

    But “JK” John the commie hasn’t seen on labour policy didn’t like!

    NZ desperately named a Whale Party that will wipe our the unions and leftists and ensure NZ has a common sense government!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Can I suggest Rajen Prasad – Raymond Huo ticket for leadership? They can’t do any worse bros.