This is what happens when an MP has a gay ute

It looks like the Hawkes Bay has gone all gay, see what happens you one of your local MPs has a gay ute.

chest waxing

Napier men don’t want to get their backs waxed, but their partners make them, a local beauty therapist says.

A new international online survey, conducted by Auckland University’s Virginia Braun, and Gareth Terry from the Open University in the United Kingdom, quizzed nearly 600 people aged 18-35 on their body hair grooming habits.  

The research indicates body hair removal is becoming more common among young men _ with some even opting for the full “manzilian”.

It found that while body hair was still considered more acceptable on men than on the fairer sex _ except on the back or shoulders _ male body hair was not seen as particularly desirable.

Sara Savage of Napier Therapies said hair removal was unpopular among Napier men, but their partners often forced them to get it done.

“They are usually sent in by their wives or girlfriends, and they are usually embarrassed.”

Forced by their missus? Hand in ya man cards.


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  • Steve (North Shore)

    Bird not make nest in bare tree.
    James Bond

  • cows4me

    God you can’t win, some poor buggers spend a fortune putting it on their heads and other idiots spend a fortune taking it off their bodies. When it’s all said and done I like people for what and who they are but I guess that’s a sign of more mature years.