This is what running away looks like

Labour is in full retreat with some pockets of resistance fighting a rear-guard action, but Vernon Small’s article shows what running away politically looks like.

Coupled with Shearer’s claims he wasn’t at the Council meeting and Grant Robertson appears to be claiming they slipped it through when he was out of the room…don’t turn your back on this crowd…

Senior Labour MPs are pressuring the party to dump or modify gender quota and ”women-only” selection proposals ahead of today’s regular caucus meeting of MPs.

”Free and frank” views are expected to be aired by supporters of the quota and a group of male MPs, including Shane Jones and Clayton Cosgrove, who have openly rubbished the moves. ¬†

After a series of meetings that spilled over into the evening, Labour sources yesterday said the solution rested with the party’s ruling council, not its MPs.

Talks were underway to find a way through the problem, which has split the party and opened it to derision for proposing a so-called ”man ban”.

The party’s ruling council gave the nod to the proposals that would ensure 45 per cent of Labour MPs were women by 2014 and 50 per cent by 2017.

They would also allow local electorate committees to ask the council to declare candidate selections to be ”women-only” to help achieve the target.

Both will be voted on at the party’s November annual conference, but Labour strategists were keen to ensure the issue did not dog the party until then.

A solution would likely centre around redefining the 50 per cent quota as an objective, rather than a requirement.

Labour leader David Shearer last week came out against a strict quota and the ”man ban” rule, although he supported the aim of having more women MPs.

The senior Labour source said the aim was to strike a compromise before Shearer was due to front the media mid-morning.

Shearer last night confirmed he had been talking to the party about the issue, but he declined to answer questions and said he was late for a dinner appointment.

Where are Labour’s¬†principles? Why are thy so willing to compromise? I thought gender equality was a core belief for Labour.

Stuff has a handy poll on their site as well. “Dumped” seems to be doing well, perhaps a metaphor for Shearer’s leadership.



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  • metalnwood

    The herald has a breaking story that on request by Shearer it has already been dumped.

  • Whanga_Cynic

    It’s now 2900 votes and 86.9%!!