Today’s Trivia




The same NASA scientist who helped develop the Stealth Bomber and worked on the Galileo mission to Jupiter also invented the Super Soaker. (source)


When the SR-71 Blackbird was built the designers felt it was so fast they didn’t consider giving it the ability to perform evasive manoeuvres. Pilots were instructed to just punch it and out-fly any threat, including missiles. (source)


In 2009 a New York cop was placed in a psychiatric facility by fellow officers and held against his will for releasing recordings he had made showing quotas were leading to wrongful arrests. (source)


The Mediterranean Sea was once dry. About 5 million years ago the Atlantic Ocean rolled in via the Strait of Gibraltar in an event known as the ‘Zanclean Flood’. (source)


In the US, 31 states do not have laws barring rapists from seeking custody or visitation rights. (source)


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  • Agent BallSack

    And still the super soaker was his best invention….