Today’s Trivia





Following the Paraguayan War in 1864-1870 the male population of Paraguay fell to around 26,000. In parts of the country the male:female ratio fell to 1:20. (source)


There have been 12 school shootings in the US already this year. (source)


In 2012 Russians drank, on average, 14 litres of vodka each. (source)


The commercial bread slicer was invented by Otto Rohwedder – the first loaf of sliced bread was sold in 1928. (source)


An asteroid about 500km wide hitting Earth would wipe out complex life in a day or so and all life shortly after. (source – link to computer animation)


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  • fecnde

    a little over a litre of vodka a month? Russians – you’re pussier than I thought

  • opusx

    Crikey that asteroid animation send shivers down your spine. Like I’ve always said…everything is for nothing. None of it matters in the long run, so you may as well enjoy it while you got it. Almost makes me yearn to be spiritual rather than philosophical. Politics is so much more cheerful.

  • Redditor

    When are you going to start crediting Reddit as the provider of these links?

    • Travis Poulson

      I see sources for everything posted on this page, therefore I don’t see what you are whining about.

    • The same reason we don’t credit YouTube for any of the videos we link to: We don’t credit the aggregator.