Today’s Trivia




Although Japan’s interest rates have been at or near zero for years, it’s debt levels are so high that it still manages to spend around 25-30% of it’s tax revenues on interest alone. (source)


Nazi’s may have invented skateboarding. (source)


In the ’30’s penicillin was so precious it was extracted from the urine of patients to recycle. (source)


Currently nearly half of all adults still living in Detroit are functionally illiterate. (source)


Angostura Bitters labels don’t match the size of the bottles due to a lack of communication between the two brothers responsible for designing each piece. (source)


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  • A trivia item about Nazi’s, and a picture of the Soup Nazi?

    It took me a while… what a stretch :)

  • LabTested

    “Nazi’s may have invented skateboarding”

    Please. This posting is a joke.

    Videos of Germans sitting on a board with wheels going down a 1 meter slide does not equal the invention of skate boarding.

    Scooters and other toys with wheels were common in that period. So the toy with wheels is not an invention. Using it on a 1 meter slide is not skateboarding & cobble roads would have made the modern concept of skateboarding impossible.

    Also, the source being “King Shit” may be a clue that this is not true

  • JC

    “Currently nearly half of all adults still living in Detroit are functionally illiterate.”

    Currently (2006 latest) 63% of NZ Maori are functionally illiterate and PI are 79% functionally illiterate. Not that Europeans have much to skite about at 36% FI or Asians at 67%.

    The age group literacy is interesting.. literacy in 16-24 group is dropping but rising for 55-65 year olds.