Today’s Trivia




Betty White currently holds the Guinness World Record for longest career in television at 65 years. (source)


The US purchased Alaska from Russia for USD7.2m, which in today’s dollars is about USD118m – less than what Real Madrid paid for Christiano Ronaldo. (source)


There is no such thing as a Brontosaurus – and there never was. (source)


Heroin was originally a brand name owned by Bayer but was lost to the company after WW1 and, along with Aspirin, became a generic name. (source)


The Tweety Bird cartoon character is a boy. (source)


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  • Michael

    The Palace of Versailles is where the armistice ending WW1 was signed, but not sure if that directly relates to the US Government seizing Bayers assets during the war. Or have you stumped me on the picture/trivia link?

    I have a limitless capacity for trivia, I love these posts and now the picture challenge is making me tune in at 8pm as I want to answer first. (What a nerd) Maybe you should not confirm answers and announce the winner when you post trivia the following day?

    • James Howlett

      Michael I’m obviously not making these hard enough. Bayer was forced to give up the trademarks as part of the Treaty of Versailles and yes that is the Palace of Versailles in the picture.
      Good idea to confirm the following day – will do that starting tomorrow.

      • Damn. I thought Queen Liz and Betty White both were keeping the current records at 65 years of something.

        Waaaay off. :)

  • Nechtan

    Betty White was a character in the sitcom “The Golden palace” ??

    • James Howlett

      Nice, now there’s an obscure reference – wish I’d thought of it.

  • Hazards001

    The Tweety Bird cartoon character is a boy.

    Pffffffft…so was this character….Wonder if Tweety is a Liarbour supporter?