Union spin exposed

Via the tipline

Looks like Comrade Kate?s successor Simon Bridges might actually have some support for his Employment Relations Amendment Bill in the form of a campaign exposing the mess of Part 6A.


With big names like?Air New Zealand, Progressive Enterprises, the EMA, Business New Zealand, Hospitality Association and the Franchise Association?all having told the Govt that Part 6A is a shambles, Bridges better take note.

You?ve got to give it to the organisers Crest Clean, they ran a Vulnerable Minister campaign against?Comrade Kate?and look what happened to her.

More importantly is the fact these companies are finally standing up against scum-bag unions and their patsy mates in Parliament – Darien Fenton, Sue Moroney and serial rooter Iain Lees-Galloway.?

Alongside Jami-Lee Ross?s Private Members? Bill seeking changes to Section 97, it finally looks like the Nats may have grown some gonads and are finally prepared to help New Zealand businesses.

If the Chair of the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee David Bennett wants to be a winner like in this photo, he?ll also need to get a pair to face down Labour?s union flunkies.

DId David Bennett tell these lovely ladies he had cancer?

DId David Bennett tell these lovely ladies he had cancer?