Was Moira Lying? Ctd


Here is another clip of Labour Party President Moira Coatesworth, this time on RNZ, claiming the man ban proposal had been ‘tabled’ with MPs and was strongly supported.

Oh, also that the Council has been working closely with Caucus on these issues.

Who’s telling the truth here?


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  • Scott

    Who’s telling the truth here?

    Is that a trick question? When has anyone in Labour told the truth?

  • Whafe

    The lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies…….. In the end, not even those lying know what is truthful and what are lies….. To many in the Liabour Party are believing the lying BS being spewed constantly…..
    David Shearer – How much is in you NY Bank Account?

  • Love with picture of Grant Robertson prancing with other Labour leaders.

    Shearer wears his official Red Labour tie, Robertson wears his Pinko-Grey one.

    • OT Richter

      Shearer should kick that mincing little puff-ball to touch.

  • Sthn.Jeff

    I laugh how Moira says they want a party representative of society. I don;t recall society being so full of ex teachers, union hacks and gays.

    • Patrick

      What she means is she wants to shape NZ society to fit the image she desires, in much the same way that Clarke pushed her social engineering upon NZ. These socialists never stop their meddling in peoples lives.

    • FredFrog

      Hmmmmmm. Society is full of people who work. I can’t see ANYONE in their party who represents workers.