Watch a Tesla Model S being made


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  • Dave

    WOW that has to be one of the best short clips I have ever watched. Thanks Pete.

  • AngryTory

    No surprise it’s bright red – it’s a damn commie greenie global warmist car!

    • Positan

      If your outlook wasn’t completely obscured by your viewpoint, you might have noticed black-painted bodies being processed as well. While red was probably the most effective colour-contrast for the video’s production, most would surely acknowledge and salute the incredible technology, rather than seek to denigrate it so irrelevantly and so completely non-objectively.

      Excellence is excellence, no matter where it’s applied or whosoever has managed to achieve it.

  • andrew carrot

    No difference between this and other modern car assembly plants. Except in Oz, where their state-funded plants tend to have 8 or 9 robots, rather than 160.