What every 15 year old girl should get for their birthday

It is the daughter’s birthday, here is what I got her.

What every 15 year old should get for their birthday

What every 15 year old should get for their birthday

It is a Remington 700 SPS Compact in .243 Winchester. I purchased it from my good friends at Hamills Manukau.

Next weekend we are off for a hunt together.

And another image now she is 15.



They forgot 11. Let me show you my gun collection.


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  • kehua

    Lovely young girl, ideal calibre, hope the hunt goes well.

  • Travis Poulson

    Expect to see some more pics after next weekend, be it a deer, goat or hippie.

  • Colville

    Should have got a tikka!

    • Bob

      Too right Colville. I love my stainless synthtetic T3 Lite in .308. Kicks a bit as there is nothing of it, but what a beautiful trigger. Perfect all weather rifle for NZ. And shooting escaping boyfriends (my daughters’ and not mine before you start thinking I pack fudge)


      • Travis Poulson

        Cam’s is a Tikka .308 with a Zeiss scope. I considered it, but I’m not a fan of S/S unless it is a.22. I went for a Ruger Hawkeye M77 .270 this year.

        • How many deer have you put down with that Ruger Trav?

          • Travis Poulson

            Millions in my mind. It’s only done one trip! Dropped some plywood and a flood bank.

            Waiting on other buggers to stop being too busy to go hunting.

      • Colville
  • Dave

    Happy birthday to your daughter, and what a great gift. No doubt the talk of her Peer group and school

    Ps: You forgot 12: there is 2 acres out there this is my shovel, note the small mounds of dirt.

  • Col

    Sir, I have come to date your daughter, of fuck, does that come with bullets Sir.

  • Impressed

    Nice work. Hope to hear that she popped a deer and then gutted it. Nothing like a girl with the ability to hunt AND gut it to keep future boyfriends honest.
    Buy her a shotty for Christmas. I recommend a Remmington tactical. Looks lovely. Goes well with a gold bangle.

  • Bob

    .243 is a nice round but the .308 is a better bet for bringing down a fast escaping boyfriend. Mind you, with the crotch starting at the knees in the skinny jeans young dudes wear today, you could probably have great fun with a .22 whilst he “ran” away

    • Travis Poulson

      Those tight skinny jeans probably render them infertile anyway. It’s either those skinny homo jeans, or those bloody things dragging around their arses trying to be gangsta. You’d think I’d desensitize to the ways of the city folk after 6 1/2 years, but no.

      After that little anti-city vent, .243 is a good calibre for her, and even in years time when she want’s to upgrade to a bigger round the .243 will still be useful to keep in the cabinet for goats, sika etc. I’m currently deciding what my next purchase will be to keep the .270 company in the cabinet.

      • My nxt purchase will be a .22-250 tikka, Ss, left hand, Varmint barrel with silencer

        • Travis Poulson

          Ideally I’d like a Ruger 22-250, wood/blued, LH, varmint barrel and threaded for silencer, but those options aren’t available entirely for a leftie from Ruger. Shitty being a leftie and not having as many options as right handed shooters.

        • Colville

          Are there any rabbits left to shoot with a varmit gun?
          Was at a gun sale today.. howa 22/250 phenolic stock blued barrel with bipod goes under the hammer tomorro. Wont be much I wouldnt think. Tasco POS scope on it to throw away.

  • GregM

    Happy birthday Miss WO ! Take heaps of photos, blood and guts is good :-)
    I have got to get that shirt….

  • Mr_V4

    10. Could be problematic.

  • KiaOra

    Nice family resemblence