Whinger of the Day

A reader emails:


Hi Cam

As someone who lost power for several days I found this letter was published in the Dominion Post today the biggest whinger encountered for a while – the writer thinks Wellingtonians who lost power in the storm recently should just harden up despite the freezing weather (it’s not like it’s a warm Summer February or anything in Wellington right now).

Given the attitude, I hope Corran Vincent hasn’t taken any assistance from the relief organisations that the rest of New Zealand very generously contributed to. Or that Corran Vincent was so badly effected that they have had a taxpayer bailout (funded by the rest of the country) via the purchase of their property or of the biggest insurer in Christchurch who went bust.

But the real sign of what a big chip on Corran Vincent’s shoulder – the idea that the damage in Christchurch was evenly spread but the Government picked favourites.

Despite the much worse ground damage in eastern parts of Christchurch due to the ground geology being the cause for more loss of services Corran Vincent thinks it’s all a conspiracy of National to take care of its constituents ahead of Labour’s.

Thankfully, Corran Vincent is not representative of most Cantabrians I’ve met – they generally think they owe the rest of NZ a big favour when our turn for a big disaster rolls round and appreciate all the assistance given. And they appreciate the Governments actions enough to vote in two additional National constituent MPs.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    OOHHH…….I get it….John Key caused the earthquake…….(PRATT)

  • Bryan

    hullo they had to rebuild the whole main power line to that entire area and the sub stations
    even had to be replaced and Roger and Orion team did it in record time and with very good communication Roger even went out and rolled a big map out on the road so people could see what the problem was and how soon they could help them and they did as they said this guy is talking crap and would have us accept that the earthquakes chose to hit the east hardest rubbish fendalton got hit just as hard in fact gerry’s own house was destroyed

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      Just goes to show that God doesn’t think much of the leftys either.

  • Phil

    Well, fair enough too!

    The people in the National held areas of Chch probably work and actually pay tax so deserve to get looked after by the Govt from time to time.

    • parorchestia

      We do and we had insurance to cover our earthquake losses (even for our private schools!) I apologize for the fact that many of our civic facilities were under-insured, not that I was responsible in spite of lobbying to try to prepare. I personally did what I could to get adequate insurance for those facilities that I could influence (private, not under-insured public), and none of these facilities were under-insured so are not a drain on the taxpayer. But we still have lots of sympathy with those in Wellington who lost electricity. However, I am sure that the authorities worked as fast as possible to repair the damage. I just hope they got help from their community as our people did during the 12,000 earthquakes we suffered – the community was magnificent.

      But typical Canterbury – never do anything by halves, 12,000+ earthquakes indeed!

  • Patrick

    Corran Vincent is a twat, if it was all about politics wouldn’t Brownlee have got things sorted first in a Labour area & therefore converted a few of the poor misguided fools to vote National?
    What a fool this “man” is

  • cows4me

    Poor Corran, sounds like a severe case of entitlementitus but socialism will do that to you.

  • Col

    I m in CHCH and reading that shit from Corran, it seems he is Labour boy, I don’t even think he was affected by the quake, as real people who were effected down here, ( I mean the real ones) stood tall, became humble, and thanked the rest of NZ for the help.

  • Elitist Tory

    I was living in Christchurch between June and November 2010 and experienced the first quake and its aftermath.

    There was a lot of talk at the time about how quickly Fendalton and similar parts of the city had services restored, when there was a strong case to say eastern parts had greater problems with greater urgency.

    “Christchurch is still Christchurch” was a common saying round town in September/October 2010, more in a first four ships sense than Labour/National.
    Even some of my friends further south in Otago were saying “can’t feel too sympathetic because Christchurch is still Christchurch – power on in Fendalton, everything off in Aranui or New Brighton” – all rather lighthearted, but the observation was widely made.

    This guy Corran is being a dickhead, but he is not too far off the mark.

    • Hazards001

      Balls. I’ve done infrastructure repair work and disaster repair off and on my whole life. The rules are the same everywhere.

      1) Do the easy stuff first.

      2) Get the most people you can back on first.

      • Bad__Cat

        Same here. It’s an insult to the workers doing long hours. I have worked in actual Civil Defence emergencies and if anyone had even mentioned that it would have been laughed at.

        Had it been a serious order or direction that person would have ended up behind a shed with his pretty little yellow helmet removed and been whacked with a spade or 24″ crescent spanner and buried in a land slip.

        We are talking life and death here, you don’t fuck with us Kiwis in a situation like that.

    • Michael

      The difference was Fendalton is not built on land that is reclaimed swamp – essentially wet sand with soil put on top – Aranui and New Brighton are. So all the infrastructure damage was much easier to repair in Fendalton than in the eastern suburbs.