Who will hide behind the shield of sanctimony today?

Labour has a problem with the SkyCity bill today…nearly a quarter of their caucus and most of their heavy hitters in the house run the risk of being called hypocrites as they stand and speak from behind the shield of sanctimony.


Which way will they vote?
Image/ Keeping Stock


Which ones of those on the list above have the courage to take a hiding for speaking against the bill when they have enjoyed the largesse of SkyCity before? Which ones have since enjoyed the hospitality of SkyCity again further dipping deep into the trough of hypocrisy? Will they come out from behind the shield of sanctimony?  

Meanwhile the Greens have erected their own shield of sanctimony and Metiria Turei has said that John Key is a very naughty boy for whipping his caucus on the bill.

Prime Minister John Key’s clampdown on his MPs for today’s conscience vote on the Sky City convention centre deal is “extremely bad behaviour”, says Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei.

Under the legislation, Sky City will be allowed to install hundreds more pokie machines and gaming tables, and have its gambling licence extended through to 2048.  In return, the casino operator will build a $400 million convention centre.

Today’s first reading of the bill will be followed by a conscience vote, as ruled by the Speaker yesterday, meaning MPs will be allowed to vote on it however they want, regardless of party lines.

That is the theory at least. But in the real world, Mr Key says none of his MPs will be crossing the floor to vote against the deal.

“Every single National MP campaigned on the convention centre,” he said yesterday. “It was part of our policy, so all 59 will be voting for it.”

I don’t know why Metiria is getting all sanctimonious about this, the Greens have whipped their own members before on conscience issues.

What will be funny though is with a conscience vote we may see some Labour members vote in favour…those that are pro-jobs, pro-business and want deals that cost the government nothing.

If they don;t vote for it, especially those who have enjoyed the hospitality of SkyCity then you have to question whether or not David Shearer is also whipping his caucus to vote against the bill…will Metiria get on her high horse about that too?


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  • Whinging Pom

    Where was the conscience vote on Sue B’s anti-smacking bill?

  • What really got on my goat last night was Metiria Turei’s appeal to those Government members with a religious background to vote against this Bill. Given the ridicule that some members of a number of parties came under during the Marriage Equality debate because of their religious convictions, especially from some Green MP’s, this is bigotry and hypocrisy of the very worst kind.

    • Bunswalla

      On religious grounds? You’re having a laugh Metiria! Catholics are some of the biggest punters I know. They’ll be queuing up to get in.

      • pukakidon

        Cant see Winston voting against it he is an avid gambler.

  • tarkwin

    Wonder how many are high rollers?

  • Bob

    I wouldn’t want to see any horse suffer Metiria getting in it even if it was high!

    • Mike

      If it wasn’t collapsed on the ground beforehand it would be afterwards.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Even with the new convention centre and a few hundred more pokie machines – total numbers are still THOUSANDS less than when Labour & Greens were the government.

    Her shrills from the side line is little more than a pathetic attempt to get her designer jackets on the 6pm news again. She needs reminding of the thousands of extra pokie machines National have eliminated since 2008 with their “sinking lid” policy.

    • Agent BallSack

      I agree bloke except, Greens have never been in Government and won’t be with Labour ever the way things are going.

    • redeye

      I’ve never been to Sky city. I was wondering if there is normally a great queue of problem gamblers waiting to access a machine.

      If not then I’m failing to see an issue with them getting more.

  • Dave

    Metiria should be campaigning for wider isles between the Pokies at Sky City, so she can play them as well.

    • Travis Poulson


    • Bunswalla


  • peterwn

    This is a ‘personal vote’, not a ‘conscience vote’. The only connection is that the Speaker must make it a ‘personal vote’ so MP’s can exercise their conscience vote. Metiria Turei is being disingenious in calling it a ‘conscience vote’. She is hoping a National MP might break ranks. Although the parties may not formally ‘whip’ their parties on this (as their leaders have implied), their members are under no illusion what will happen if they cross the floor (the seat right at the back of the House on Speaker’s left is currently vacant – I think of it as the ‘exit row’)..


  • LabTested

    China Southern Airlines to increase China-Auckland flights from 7 to 10 a week over summer. A whopping 42% increase in flight arrivals


    Rich Chinese love to gamble. It seems that Labour do not want to provide the entertainment that this segment of rich tourists want and also all the direct & indirect jobs that get created.

    ..and well done the government for relaxing the Visa rules for China Southern frequent flyers despite Winston’s opposition. We are now seeing the benefits

    • Peej

      Got it! NZ deals with the Chinese because that’s where the money is. That’s why Mr Key himself goes to China, he enjoys the hospitality and reciprocates in NZ, etc, etc. Mr Key does not agree with communism. He does not agree with their approach to human rights. He deals with them without agreeing with what they’re all about. That’s practical business sense – deal with the devil if you need to.
      Labour party people meet with SkyCity people and that’s hypocrisy and, crime of the century, enjoying hospitality and largesse. Maybe they are keeping contacts open with the thought (deluded as it may be) that sometime in the future they will have to deal with the SkyCity people from the government benches.

      • MarcWills

        In case you hadn’t worked it out Peej, John Key is not then going around and puting it up the arse of China. Sometimes, in the modern world of trade, you have to hold your nose for the greater good.

        • Peej

          No argument there. Maybe it happens as it does because China is a greater greater good than SkyCity. Then again maybe some don’t know about how to tolerate or ignore the smell.

  • Justsayn

    The stage is set for a cunning lifter!

    We need is a Labour MP that is so far on the outer they might take up the invitation to make a point, someone who might have the ego to stand up and say it seems like a good deal and is better deal than the one Helen took, someone with a little bit of cunning looking for a lift in their career by helping a new leader into the job… do we have such a cunning lifter in the House?

  • rightoverlabour

    That’s why they are doing this on a conscience vote….Could not work it out before, but it will be interesting to see how the lists compare once the vote has happened. (then again Labia don’t really understand the term conscience)

  • David

    Shearer was having a moan about Key expecting every Nat to vote for it too, well Shearer what are your instructions to your caucus which was a question red radio failed to ask naturally.
    When Labour did the same pokie deal for a smaller convention centre in 2001how many of the current Labour MPs voted for it ??? Probably another question red radio will forget to ask just in case it causes embarrassment.

  • We can see why Labour MPs would have a Love-Hate relationship with this Bill…..