Why not Photo ID?

d-23817-pc_1Matt Bowen?reports

A grocery chain has issued warnings to staff after claims beneficiaries are trying to swap their state-issued food credits for cash.

Mother of four Antillea Karaitiana, 28, says she was approached by a stranger in Pak ‘n Save Mill St last week looking to trade his Work and Income payment card for cash “to go clubbing”.

She said the man, in his late teens or early 20s, showed her a greenish electronic transaction card he said had $80 credit.

He allegedly told her she could have the card for $70 cash, keeping $10 for her trouble.

He indicated he could go to the checkout with her and sign for the goods, with her paying him outside.

“I just looked at him, shocked, and went, no”. She then walked off.”

The Ministry of Social Development did not answer media questions on how many similar incidents had been reported or investigated or how many cards were in circulation but said it was up to retailers to check signatures when they were used.

Foodstuffs Auckland which covers every Pak ‘n Save or New World store north of Hawke’s Bay has since issued a warning for staff to be vigilant.

General manager Rob Chemaly said:

“If we did see someone approaching our customers to barter money for groceries, they would be immediately removed from the store by security.”

It is always someone that has to take the piss, but this was predictable. ?Why these cards aren’t issued with with a photo on them is beyond me. ?At least change the rules that the card is only usable with suitable photo ID accompanying it.

Not too sure taxpayers want to fund people “to go clubbing”.