Will Moira Go?

On the way to the tumbril?

On the way to the tumbril?

Sources inside Labour HQ are telling me that Moira Coatesworth’s failure to raise any money means that Labour are going to employ a full time fundraiser. Moira seems unwilling to do the work required to bring in the funds, preferring to sit on her arse doing dumb stuff like pushing through the Man Ban.

The problem for a professional fundraiser is that if they do not have the close links to senior MPs they will not be taken seriously. That is why the person in Moira’s position is supposed to do the fundraising, rather than delegate it because it is too hard or a bit beneath her.

Word from inside HQ is that Moira is having to shore up her support because the party have realised she is useless and she probably needs to be pushed. Her fraught relationships with staff and hiding her lack of fundraising ability behind a temper means she is not very popular.  

To cap it all off it appears that the recuse call has gone out to Helen Clark to spend some time the first week of August assisting with strategy. Helen Clark will be back in the country to attend the Warren Freer Warren Freer memorial service on 4 Augustin Auckland.

The  general secretary, Tim Barnett, who is increasingly frustrated with Moira Coatesworth has asked if Aunty Helen can meet for strategy session over that weekend. They all await the to see if Helen will agree. Talk around the instant coffee and zip machine is of a wistful return of Helen’s way of doing things and the golden words and direction she can offer in terms of strategy.


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  • Greg Presland

    Gee Cameron since when is the National Party’s research unit considered to be a source inside Labour HQ?

    • You wish Greg…unfortunately they have nothing to do with it, or this blog.

      Do you think I should take the same approach as Lynn the world’s best sysop and start chucking the ban hammer around for people who lie about authors?

  • I hear Peter Goodfellow isn’t doing much, perhaps he can pitch in?

  • cows4me

    So boiling cauldrons, black cats, dolls with pins in them, chicken entrails and naked dancing under a full moon is on the books in August, yes that will work.

  • Quintin Hogg

    Gee Greg, why don’t you take on the roll?

    • Dave

      It’s beneath him, typical labour fan, just sling mud and hope it sticks. Greg, best you concentrate on trying to lift the stranded from 6th to 5th placed Bog.