A good hard smack for vexatious busy-bodies

Some green taliban busy-bodies who have been making life hard for King Salmon by constantly challenging their every move in court have been given a bloody nose. Not only did they lose their recent case against King Salmon, but the company is now seeking costs. They aren’t happy either, having a big sook and a cry about it.

New Zealand King Salmon chief executive Grant Rosewarne is being accused of using bullying tactics to scare groups off appealing a High Court decision that went against them.

Last week Mr Rosewarne said King Salmon would seek costs of about $150,000 against Sustain our Sounds and the Environmental Defence Society if they took an unsuccessful High Court appeal to the Supreme Court.

His company would probably seek costs even without a further appeal, he said. 

Society chairman Gary Taylor said in 30 years of involvement with such cases, he had never encountered such intimidation.

This type of threat might not be illegal but it is unacceptable, he said.

I think it is perfectly acceptable, otherwise busy-bodies and vexatious litigants get emboldened that there are no consequences for their harassment of companies and individuals using judicial processes.

I note the judge has got his panties on a bit too tight.

High Court judge Robert Dobson said in his decision released last week that appellants had competently and responsibly advanced legitimate public interests.

He was reluctant to order costs against them.

However, King Salmon was entitled to pursue costs, which it must do within 28 days.

If I was King Salmon I would pursue costs, then seek to have the society wound up if they fail to pay. Those green taliban pricks play for keeps, it pays to play for keeps against them too.


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  • williamabong

    The one thing these green cunts don’t like is when the system gets used back against them, you can almost guarantee the gweens have weaved a little web so no one can actually go after them.
    Time companies like this one and Buller Coal started individual action against these gween thugs and start cleaning out and selling up some of their assets.

  • cows4me

    I hope the company takes them for all they are worth. It’s always the good guys that get hammered in this country. These Melon pricks can cost business thousands of dollars and heaps of misery then just walk away. The deck is stacked way to much in their favour. It’s all fine to protest but they should be made to realise their do so at their peril.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So this vexatious case cost the company, cost our exports…$150 000. Time to sue and get that money back into the business, employ more people, make more profit etc etc!!!

  • Col

    Nothing like a good sized wet fish smacked over your head, go get them King.

    • AngryTory

      Fuck a wet fish – say $500,000 each. Bankrupt the fucks & get ’em fired.

  • drummerboy

    So let me get this straight. they took King Salmaon to court and the court ruled in favour of king salmon, so they think its intimidation for King salmon to seek legal costs for wasting their time and money? what a bunch of tossers.

  • Whinging Pom

    ‘In 30 years of involvement in such cases…’

    Basically a serial opposer. I wonder what he’s ever done to contribute positively to the economy of NZ.

    • James Howlett

      This is a good example of one of my basic observations on life: each of us, at the end of our lives, will look back – one group will judge ourselves on what we achieved, what we built, what we grew – the other group will judge themselves on what they managed to stop others achieving, building or growing. Losers.

  • Cadwallader

    Mr Taylor is a naive moron: This is not “intimidation” as he blubberingly asserts, it is commercial reality! (As well as serving as a big “Fuck Off!)

    • Nechtan

      Yes, I don’t know much about business but I would imagine King Salmon would have to engage lawyers etc.. that costs, there would in all likely-hood plant etc.. sitting idle (more costs). While these crusaders for the environment have like minded lawyer/s as part of the team, it costs them essentially bugger all, that’s why they keep doing it (30 years well f*ck me). Maybe this time it will cost.

  • Michael

    Save our sounds does not appear to be incorporated. So its members will be personally liable.

    The Environmental Defense League are incorporated, but were deregistered for a time as they didn’t file any paperwork for several years. The latest accounts are for 2007, which show that they are not in a good financial position.

    • Cadwallader

      Also shows these sandal wearing shit eaters couldn’t organise themselves beyond making a noise.

    • AngryTory

      Save our sounds does not appear to be incorporated. So its members will be personally liable.

      excellent! although of course the law should ensure they are personally liable anyway.

      Environmental Terrorist League – ahh fuck, just STG the lot (properly this time, not like the Taame’s Army fiasco).

    • The correct name for the organisation in Sustain our Sounds Incorporated, number 2556979

  • Peter B

    I deal with Banana Republicans on plan changes all the time. They are nothing but vexatious and they never win. The court never awards costs because its not seen to be the right thing to do.
    I really disliked my last court experience. I won – buyout was a Phellic victory. The costs were in excess of $1m to beat the locals who were plainly wrong but couldn’t see it.
    Needs a law change first.
    P.s. Banana Republican – Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything.

    • James Howlett

      Pyrrhic :)

      • Justsayn

        He might have meant phallic… bananas and all

  • mallard

    if they cannot pay cost, then they should be jailed or worked out their time in KS factory.

    • Cadwallader

      What’s happened to those weird hippies who attacked the “spy station” at Waihopi? They claimed to be penniless.

      • Honcho

        Yet one was a farmer …. farm should be sold to pay for the damage he did to our equipment.

  • Nechtan

    A quick scan of the Environmental Defence Society’s web site has them pretty much in favour of the Auckland Unitary Plan. Enough said, “the prosecution rests My Lord”.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Matt McCarten and Piggy Sue along with Minty will come to their rescue….

    • AngryTory

      They should be bankrupt & in gaol from years agon!

  • John Q Public

    Is that the former deputy mayor of Waitakere Gary Taylor?

    • Yup that weasel

    • Honcho

      So its not even the NIMBY’s back yard? plot thickens

    • Cadwallader

      He bears a disapproving purse-lipped face like a cat’s arse!

  • AngryTroy

    If I was King Salmon I would pursue costs, then seek to have the society wound up if they fail to pay

    Fuck that. We know that “Socialise our Sounds” and the “Environment Terrorist Agency” have zero assets. The judge should order costs against all members individually to include punitive damages for the vexations litigants.

    Bankrupt the commie cunts, get them fired under Crusher’s new laws, ban them from benefits and let them starve in the gutter. Does it for me!

  • philbest

    Fish farming is one of the things that Patrick Moore is constantly counter-attacking looney environmentalists over. Moore was one of the original founders of Greenpeace but quit and turned against them in the 1980’s because they had been hijacked by ideologues who were anti-science and anti-progress, period (at least in capitalist economies), not pro-environment.