A long drop off a short rope would be more appropriate

There are few people on this earth that I have zero time for, pedophiles however are the lowest form of scum. No punishment is too harsh for them.

I fail to see why we should incarcerate them, far better they simply be dispatched in the most cost effective manner possible.

He is now a very little little-old-man, 75-years-old and silver-haired.

But for more than 40 years he committed sexual offences against children as young as four or five, probably scarring some of them forever, Justice Ron Young says.

The offender’s name is suppressed because some of the crimes have been against members of his own family, with whom he shares a surname.

In the High Court at Wellington today the man was told he was a sexual predator who years ago had only avoided an open-ended term of preventive detention because the threats he had made to some of the children he abused secured their silence.

In 1998 the man was sentenced to nine and a half years for sexually violating a five-year-old boy.

The judge then declined to impose preventive detention and gave him credit for not being charged with any offences for 17 years. 

Why even entertaining a “discount” or “credit”…interfere with a child, no-fucking-mercy.

In fact he had been offending. The 11 charges he was sentenced on today date from 1978 to 1991.

Now his age and health meant the Crown did not even ask for preventive detention.

Justice Young added another four years’ jail on top of the three years the man was sentenced to in December last year.

Hoodwinked a soft bloody judge.

The judge said the sentencing exercise was “not easy” because of the combination of historical offending being discovered at different times, some of them after the man had been sentenced for other crimes committed within the same time frame.

The judge said the man had seriously affected the lives of many young children often from his own family.

The most recent offences that have come to light were against three girls.

The offending had scarred the victims, now adult women, and it was likely to do so for the rest of their lives, the judge said.

Stretch his neck. Seems fair. or perhaps use them to feed the prison pigs.


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  • snakebit

    Put him with the goats in your last post…aim low.

  • opusx

    Sentence him to 5 minutes with me…then justice can be served for his victims.

  • Col

    Asshole, but then we need to watch, listen, and catch them, even if it is family, I can see that being hard though.
    Under Muslim law Farting woman get a worse deal than our pedophiles.

    • Bunswalla

      That was satire Col – Wadiyan News = The Civilian

      • Muffin

        I fell for it. seems silly but at no point did I think ‘they wouldn’t do that’ with the other misogynist shit they get up to this seemed more than probable.

  • mike

    Get rid of concurrent sentencing and move to consecutive sentencing… lets see some of own life + 1000!!!!

  • Macca

    So what the hell has his age got to do with how long his sentence should be for the crime someone commits? If anything, he should be given longer terms for repeat offending! Throw away the key for the old bastard!
    I have met a number of women in my life who have been molested and their lives are in most cases ruined! The bulk of them never get over this type of invasion and not only their lives are hugely affected, but also those around them – including their own children. Yet another prime example of a judge completely out of touch with reality!

  • Muffin

    My wife’s parents and family live overseas, and we have found the best way of sending them all (its a big extended family) videos of our kids is to post them on YouTube. You know, videos of birthdays, special occasions, or funny stuff they do.

    Few weeks ago we got a package from one auntie that included some undies for our daughter (6). Rather than just send a email thanks, my wife posted short video of my daughter sitting on couch watching tv in undies. Title of video included the word undies.

    Within a few hours the video had 6000 hits and dozens if not hundreds of sick comments, really sick shit “sitting here getting hard…. Blah blah” awful stuff, couldn’t read them.

    I always thought these sick cunts were a 1 in a million anomaly, but they appear to be more common than I imagined.

    I for one would happily see some form of culling introduced, like Cams goats. It could start with the prick in this post.

    • Cadwallader

      That’s a lesson and a half for us all!!! Thanks.

    • Patrick

      Get a Skydrive (or similar) account, put all your documents, videos & photos in folders & then share the particular folders by sending an email link. It is an easy way of sharing with your family & also has the added benefit of being “off site” storage. If your PC dies or gets nicked you have a copy. You also have access from anywhere – can be handy if you are travelling & need access to information.

      • Muffin

        Cheers, will look into that

  • steve and monique

    Kiddie fiddlers cant be fixed and cant be reformed. Have a pill that will cure these low life mongrels = Lead,with just a hint of copper,administered between eyes. Dose(caliber) depends on available device to administer.

  • This is how the State protects paedophiles, by giving them name suppression so that the general public whose children might come into contact with the man when he is released from prison (if he ends up doing time) might have a change of avoiding him.

    Edited to add: Great, just read it again. He’s not going to be put away and therefore will be free to offend again. And no one is allowed to know who he is.

    • Lion_ess

      This from you – the defender of all matters catholic. Do you not feel just a little hypocritical.

      • It’s the State’s job to punish the guilty, not to protect them.

        Why would I feel hypocritical?

        • Lion_ess

          The Church does not send its own to the State for judgement, do they?

          • blairmulholland

            Since when is it the job of a priest or bishop to investigate crime? If you were molested and you call your bishop instead of the cops, you must be pretty stupid.

  • I’ll do it my way

    Being old and frail should never be a reason for these judges to let pedophile’s off. These judges are a fucken joke. Don’t they care about the innocent?
    How would they react if their children/grandchildren are molested, raped and threatened with dire consequenses if they told anybody of the abuse?
    The most saddest outcome of all is that some of these children this evil old bastard has molested will probably go on to abuse children.
    This sick evil man will get what he has been dishing out for 40 years, done to him in jail, but 2 wrongs don’t make it right.
    Pedophiles should be hung, shot, electrocuted or put on a slow boat to the Antartic with no woollies.