A reader emails about media matters

Another email from a reader about the machinations and activities of the media.

Good morning Cameron,

It is 3:33am as I start typing this. Why am I still up at such a ridiculous hour? Partly because I went to the Super 15 final . . . But mainly because I have been stewing over the performance and attitude of our main stream media, and their blatant disregard for reporting what people say, and instead “reporting” what they think we should believe.

Well quite frankly I have had enough!

The media claim that they are here to report facts, and report the news that is important to us.

Instead, day after day we hear the stories that are important to them. And I am sick of it.

I am sick and tired of the likes of Patrick Gower, Andrea Vance, New Zealand Herald, Fairfax etc reporting on their latest interests and pet projects when they should be focussing on issues that are truly important to New Zealanders.

I am disgusted with the reporting that has taken place by almost all media with regards to the GCSB bill. They are basically feeding us opposition stories word for word. 

Where has the true face of journalism gone? Where are the journalists who actually check stories out, do their own research, check facts and then present a balanced report that is actually credible?

Where are the journalists who actually report things with some integrity?

I am sick of journalists who have the nerve, the audacity, to claim that they speak on behalf of all New Zealanders, or that the stories they give are the ones we want. I don’t recall giving them permission to speak on my behalf. I don’t recall them asking me what my opinion is. And until they do ask me and my friends and family our opinions, and until we give them permission to speak on our behalf they need to stop stating they are.

It’s time they got over their self righteous indignation, their pontificating, their grandiose BS and started doing their job with a little more integrity.

The real danger for society is when the journalists take it upon themselves to decide what others should believe, what others understanding of things should be. tThey do this when they cross the line of reporting the facts and entrusting the people to decide and instead taking it upon themselves to interpret the information and present it in their own fashion to suit their agenda . That is NOT journalism. Instead they have become nothing more than opinion column writers or worse still propagandists.

That is the travesty that is unfolding before our eyes and it is time that it stopped.

It’s time journalists started doing their Jobs with integrity, or it is time they handed in their “journalist cards” and looked for another profession.

They are the ones who are letting down and failing the people when they fail in their duty to report the facts (without all their BS interpretations) and  allow the people to determine how they will interpret those facts and what they will do with the facts that are presented to them.

For the sake of integrity it’s time journalists stopped their BS and did their job properly.

Rant over.

[Name Withheld]


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  • opusx

    An excellent letter considering it was written at 3.30am. I think most center thinking kiwi’s feel this way, and when I say center, I mean keep the politics out of it. Politics have no place in mainstream journalism.

    • Kendall

      But what can we really do about it

      • opusx

        Keep visiting WO to have our say. Basically Cam has given us a voice.

      • thor42

        As Steve and Monique say – stop buying papers.
        I used to buy the Dom Post every weekday but I haven’t bought one for many years now.

        • steve and monique

          If the people who visited this site all stopped buying newspapers,I wonder what sort of dent it would put on sales.

        • Adolf Fiinkensein

          Likewise The Herald.
          I no longer even visit their website. For a classic example of what happens, look the share price histories of the NYT and Fairfax in Australia.

  • steve and monique

    Well said,and sums up most of what we all feel about the current media. Maybe if we just boycott buying papers,and watching the rubbish they pawn off as news,then,and only then will they learn, we have all had enough of their rubbish.

  • Mediaan

    Quite true. Sometimes I think the that bit the media have between their teeth in these unsudden dashes, to a conclusion of some claimed importance or other, is merely the quiet cunning will of the priesthood who see their days are numbered in this age of education and highly adept communications.

    What are the alternatives?

  • thor42

    Outstanding letter! This should be compulsory reading for anyone considering a career in journalism.

    • What would be interesting is to see how many journalists who read this site, will read this and already be typing away a self justified rebuttal

      • GazzW

        Most journos seem to be very disparaging about bloggers not only because of the newfound ability for the public to both express and read independent viewpoints but because bloggers present a very serious threat to the future of their ‘profession’.

      • John Drinnan is outraged that I haven’t named my correspondent.


        • Dave

          Love your tweet back to him WO. Mr Drinnan has double standards.

        • Whanga_Cynic

          Didn’t see a comeback to your jibe about made up stories. Obviously, too hard for him!!!

  • Teletubby

    The truth is that the journalists have a vested interest in reporting the stories that are going to bring about ratings and circulation. They are after all a commercial enterprise with responsibilities to their shareholders as opposed to a public service. As a good right winger I don’t have a problem with the profit motive. What I do have a problem with however is the pretence of neutrality they keep. I thought the most significant part of the Herald article by John Armstrong linked to yesterday was the bit where he said the Dominion Post had changed its view on the GCSB bill. WTF??? They are claiming to be neutral so how the fuck can they have a view. Interesting also to note that Armstrong didn’t have a problem with a major media outlet having a corporate position on a political matter. To me this just confirms the complete sellout.

    • Dave

      I agree with you to a point Teletubby, but not that “reporting the stories that are going to bring about ratings and circulations” if that were really the case Blogs such as this would be irrelevant.

      The entire business model of the MSM in particular Print media is Fucked, no other way to put it. They have become so accustomed to manufacturing stories, lying, slanting everything to the left, they now know no other way, their tainted vision has become their norm.

      Which is why WOBH is so Popular, and the Horrid sheds readers / subscribers quicker than whores shed clothes in the Chow brothers brothels. It is so pathetic Granny herald even resorted to giving away magazines with a Horrid subscription.

      On WOBH, even if we don’t agree with Cameron, other posters contribute to bring a balanced view, or a more informed view. Which is why I keep coming back, and I imagine, thousands of others do.

      I was bloody annoyed yesterday when Stuff-up ran a story on the how Helen Kelly would never spy on anyone, but no repeater was named, a nothing piece of no relevance apart from trying to smear national and the GCSB bill. Its this kind of GRUBBY politically biased repeating that makes me really angry.

      Fuck the printed press, and the other MSM coming a close second, WOBH and blogs forever.

  • Teletubby


    This excellent article from Micheal Laws sums it up, even if his comments about ego and God complexes are a bit of a pot vs kettle situation

  • Time For Accountability

    This and other recent reader initiated blog articles very much mirrors the sentiments of most people that have spoken to me about these issues.

    They say to me the rot started with Tv3 and in particular Campbell Dunk and Patrick.

    It is compounded by a complete lack of investigative journalists and the way TV stacks current affairs with their tame patsies such who are has been a that never succeeded in the first place.

    TV presenters morph – take Corrin who was Ok as a business reporter but changed into a commentator expressing his own views when he changed to political reporting. He is cringeworthy.

    They are a parasite living in their host employers that are chewing away and killing their hosts. Employers just look at your declining circulation.

    Media employers wake up and replace them the pubic would appreciate proper investigative reporting.

    One of the problems is the top level editors have no independence thus do not understand the problem.

    Media you are a failing business who fails to recognise what steps you must take to stop the parasite killing the host.

  • Remuera Red

    I find it exceptionally weird that the writer seems trust this government so much with the extended powers of surveillance that it is seeking for the GCSB. Will he/she be so relaxed when the inevitable day comes that the current opposition wins an election and has these spying powers at its disposal in future?

    • GazzW

      That really isn’t the issue here. We are discussing the partiality and bias of the media.

    • JC

      We had exactly the same legislation under Helen Clark from 2003-08 and I don’t recall any of the right whinging about it.. in fact National voted for the legislation. The voting for nearly all stages was 108 for and 9 against (Greens).


    • I think you missed the point of their letter. It was about crap manipulative opinion journalism and the lack of decent investigative factual journalism.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Powers are NOT extended. They are NOW regulated. GCSB will now be able to ASSIST (NOT spy in their own right {as is being implied}) other departments, PROVIDED they have a court order and report to the PM. Before they only had to INTERNALLY assess the legality of the surveilence.

      • Unfortunately John despite the fact that what youre saying is the truth, those who are reliant on media manipulated opinion journalism to tell them what to believe, they won’t change their view unless the media tell them to.

  • LabTested

    I think it was just all those missed kicks during the first half that really pissed him off.

    Come on. Let it go for 1 night. you (we – on account of not being Australian) won. The media are still c**ts. But just enjoy the Chiefs. More important than the media worries is who can play number 10 for the Blacks?

    • LabTested

      I think you are trying to turn something serious in to something trivial.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Where has the true face of journalism gone? Where are the journalists who actually check stories out, do their own research, check facts and then present a balanced report that is actually credible?”
    This is not new. Remember the woman who told her whole church, that she would be the first black person to vote in South Africa’s first FREE election? The media got hold of it, it was all over the news within hours.
    Now I believe this woman just said it to her friends to get attention. But when the media got hold of it, it went viral. BUT, nobody checked, it took weeks before someone challenged the story, and it fell apart. Then instead of the media, who whipped this story up, apologising, they instead crucified this woman.
    Did she lie, yes! Was it a harmful lie? NO. Who made a fool of themselves over this lie? The media. Who did they blame for their incompetence? the woman. Was any harm done? YES to the media’s reputation, by themselves, not by this woman, who only wanted to feel important to her friends!

  • AnonWgtn

    As I understand Vance has not been in New Zealand very long from her News Of the World job in UK.
    I assume that she made application for residence status as a Journalist ?
    What puzzles me is that Journalist is not on the list of Immigration vacancies to permit residency.
    Must have friends in High Places perhaps.

  • GarethsPussy

    Well said.

    The blogosphere is where the truth can be found, mostly in the way the platform allows back and fourth between those making comments. Issues can be dealt with at length and false information is more likely to be exposed.

    Compare this with the hair-cut wearing, sound-bite repeating, talking-head opnion repeaters that infest the MSM. They look and sound like third-formers repeating whatever teacher told them.

    They are redundant. Their medium is dead. And good riddance.

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