A Romanian princess without a moustache

Oh look…a Romanian princess without a moustache. She looks rougher than that Aussie pollie that got raked.


Princess Irina Walker, the daughter of the last king of Romania, was hobnobbing two years ago with European royalty in Bucharest to celebrate the 90th birthday of her regal father. 

On Friday, she and her husband, a former sheriff’s deputy, appeared in federal court to face charges of running a cockfighting business on their ranch in rural Oregon. Both pleaded not guilty and were released pending trial.

Government prosecutors say Irina and John Walker staged at least 10 cockfighting derbies between April 2012 and April 2013, bringing in as much as $2,000 a day. Blades were attached to the birds’ legs, spectators were charged admission, and food and drink were sold, the indictment said.

Prosecutors say 24 marijuana plants, 24 guns and a large amount of ammunition were found during this week’s raid. No charges have been filed in connection with that discovery.


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  • Mandatory.

    • Hazards001

      If it’s mandatory I’m not doing it!

      • Me posting it was mandatory. You watching it is optional.

  • williamabong

    No moustache but busted for cock fighting, what’s the bet she’s got a big cock.

    • Dave

      Nah William, sounds like the police confiscated all her Cocks!

  • Col

    Must have Balls.