Are we handing over our justice system to activist journalists?

With the news this morning that Judith Collins is seeking advice into holding an inquiry into the case of twice convicted Teina Pora I have to wonder if we aren’t handing over our justice system to a bunch of crusading journalists hell bent on an “outcome”.

Justice Minister Judith Collins is seeking advice on whether to hold an independent inquiry into the Teina Pora case.

Pora was convicted in 1994 of the rape and murder of Susan Burdett in her home. He was convicted again in a retrial in 2000; however new expert evidence suggests he may have been convicted on a false confession.

An increasing number of experts and some former senior police believe he is innocent. 

Witness the media fawning over David Bain and Kim Dotcom and now the Teina Pora case.

Look at Paula Penfold’s Facebook page and wonder no more that this isn’t a campaign aided and abetted by the media.

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Why is it that the media create and maintain these high profile cases, jump on the collective bandwagon and force extra-judicial results.

The Teina Pora case clearly involves a campaign, media lobbying and hectoring, all for a twice convicted scumbag. It beggars belief that our journalists have taken to crusading on behalf of crims and assorted scum.


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  • JeffDaRef

    Apparently he’s innocent because one of Rewa’s other victims thinks he is….

    • Jonathan Pull

      Along with 2 senior officers.

      • JeffDaRef

        so…show the good sense to report on that, which at least has a little bit of substance – the poor lady has my sympathy but her opinion on Pora’s guilt/innocence has no more meaning than anyone else’s…much like (at risk of heading off on a huge tangent) a NZer of the Year for environmentalism isn’t any more qualified than the rest of us to provide informed comment on matters of national security…

      • One of which is a union boss, and hello along comes the Labour party to join the parade too.

        • Jonathan Pull

          Why and how should their political affiliation or union membership matter?
          Or is that just you having a petty dig at unions/Labour?

  • Young and Dumb

    The journalist these days need to make news like this just to satisfy their readers.

    People love these types of situations that seem more from a movie with a massive conspiracy against some innocent brown fulla.

    Just look at the television shows that are being produced now. Or even just look at how the themes and plot lines have got darker on Shortland Street.

    • Ducky

      see TV3 patrick Gower.. He wants to be the news, not reporting the news.

  • I’ll do it my way

    ” It beggars belief that our journalists have taken to crusading on behalf of crims and assorted scum.”
    That’s their job isn’t it? ….to write/crusade about the things that are hidden and keep hidden by judges, politicians, police etc.
    if Pora is found not guilty will that mean a new law change coming up?
    If you make a false confession, you will still be guilty?
    JC has obviously found some points in the Pora case that need closer inspection and will go at it with vim and vigor to show Nz that you are safe with our justice system….
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    • mike

      No their job is report the facts on a case, not start a crusade based on their opinions.

      If their are facts then report on them, if there aren’t don’t… pretty simple really. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one and they all stink.

      • I’ll do it my way

        If ‘reporting facts’ was their only job, reading the news would take a nano second.

        The fact is that most journo’s make up shit and mix it in with the facts.

        Sometimes they get it right sometimes they don’t.

        An opinion may be supported by facts, in which case it becomes an argument, although people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts. :-)

        • mike

          A true journalists job is to remain detached from the news, not become part of it… which is what happens when your opinions become part of the story.

          I expect journalist to uncover facts and reveal duplicity, hypocrisy and lies… not ignore facts and revel in their own ability to be duplicitous, hypocritical and lie through their teeth.

          • Ducky

            them journos wants to be the news, not the facts. They are lowlife scumbags.

    • DavidW

      “JC has obviously …..” Has the second coming already happened, why did no-one tell me?

      • I’ll do it my way

        Maybe you were asleep and no body felt the need to wake you

  • Ken Mathis

    you seem strangely ok with media engineering when it’s a ruthless oligarch

  • Shoreboy57

    Next time don’t plead guilty. Consequences

  • LesleyNZ

    It seems to be happening. Why do media do this? It is the ratings game, journalists’ egos fed and being the first to break a story. Did Bryan Bruce ever do one of his “The Investigator” programme on this case?

  • jaundiced

    Agree completely about journalists creating the news. Put this aside – could there be a case? Idiot did confess, but was that a just a dumbass wanting to look like the big man so hard to feel sympathy. But did Rewa get away with this?

    • Nick K

      No, Rewa was convicted of this too. I don’t have much time for Bain, Tamihere, Watson et al, but this one looks very dodgy.

  • kehua

    I suspect that Pora is a damn sight more innocent than Bain, being a naive , fucked up teenager is not a crime. Being a cunning, conniving Cop is.

  • surfisup

    Surely you can see that the conviction looks dodgy?

    It just does not make sense to me. Rewa was a lone offender yet this dummy put his hand up to try and get some dollars.

  • Jonathan Pull

    While I agree with you on the media going (way) overboard on this can you really argue with the skepticism when two senior officers believe he may have been the fall guy?
    And lets face it as a prospect its highly likely.

  • jac

    “The Teina Pora case clearly involves a campaign, media lobbying and hectoring, all for a twice convicted scumbag.” Arthur Thomas was convicted twice, was he a scumbag too?

    • Yes he was.

      • jac

        And Bruce Hutton’s integrity was beyond reproach. LOL

  • Michael

    Pora’s legal team are following the correct process by appealing to the Privy Council so any ‘caympaign’ is premature. The Privy Council generally do a good job of overturning dodgy convictions and ordering retrials – I expect that there will be a retrial of Mark Lundy ordered as the evidence on Christine and Amber Lundy’s stomach contents as presented at the trial does not appear to be correct.

    • Andrea

      Mark Lundy… are you fucking kidding me. David Bain is likely to be more innocent than Mark Lundy is.

  • Andrea

    The idiot confessed. If he is innocent then he should be locked up to save him from himself. What kinda numpty confesses to something like been a party to rape and murder… I bet his IQ is below 50, then poor boy needs to be in care (prison is the best place, nice comfortable bed, tv, playstation, gym, 3 meals a day and plenty of educational programs… not a bad life for an idiot).