Army traffic report

Nice new Japanese tractor. So new it’s a late G plate… Should have asked for complimentary course on parking courtesy instead of rubber floor mats.

Anyway, well done owner of GWF406 in the shiny black Subaru. You took up a disabled park because you couldn’t be arsed walking an extra 20m to get your Thursday night pizza. We’re all so very proud of you….. Wanker.




Spotted this morning on Federal Street this morning by a WO army fan. This tool had parked their car sticking half way across the street.



And here is an article from earlier this week

Ever written a letter to try to wriggle out of a parking ticket?

It may feel like the outcome depends on whether the council clerk who reads it has had his morning cup of coffee.

In fact, your fate lies in a handbook that contains all the criteria for deciding whether to waive traffic and parking tickets.

Auckland Transport was determined not to let you see the document, saying its release under the Official Information Act “would prejudice the efficient investigation of parking offences”.

Funny that, considering it hoovered $16.2 million of fines from motorists’ pockets during the past year’.

After a complaint to the Ombudsman, we were sent a copy of the document, with key parts blacked out.

After a second complaint, it finally sent the 70 pages of guidelines in all their glory.

With that in hand, we have put together the definitive guide on how to get your ticket torn up.

First, the basics. No matter what sort of rule you’ve broken, there are three exclusions that act as get-out-of-jail-free cards:

1. Medical emergency: If you roared along the bus lane because your wife was having contractions in the back seat, you’re off the hook. If asked for evidence, threaten to show them the birth video and they’ll scramble to let you off.

Read the rest here….


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  • Michael

    it’s not Japanese, it’s Korean. It’s not a Subaru, but a Hyundai Santa Fe. Still doesn’t stop them being a cock.

  • Mr_V4

    In the case of the second photo it doesn’t look as though half the street is blocked – maybe there was an issue with the garage door/getting it open?

    Whaleoil parking inspectors being the no life losers they are come along at that precise moment and decide to take a photo.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Possibly, but probably not. Easier just to park properly instead of like a retard or a tosspot.