Babies will die if they follow Wendyl Nissen’s advice

Via the Tip Line

Regular readers will know I?m no fan of Wendyl Nissen, but her latest?rant is nothing short of irresponsible and should be retracted immediately.

The toxin found in Fonterra?s whey which was then used in baby formula teaches us a valuable lesson. Don?t trust corporations to make our food.

A keen WOBH reader has just sent this to me via the tip line -?Wendyl?s musings about homemade infant formula and link to this lunatic site?is dangerous and places babies at risk.

?In my old Plunket books which I used to researchMother?s Little Helper?there are numerous recipes for milk formula or ?humanized milk? as it was called then. They used cream, whey, water and sugar, and also evaporated milk with water and sugar added. Perhaps Plunket could offer up a recipe mothers could try as an alternative to being dependent on tins of tainted formula? The?Weston A Price Foundationwhich is a strong advocate for natural unprocessed foods has some recipes on their website but they look very complicated and I?m not sure most mothers would have access to the ingredients…

Her plug for ?humanized milk? using ?raw milk?, ?Liver based formula? and ?Egg Yolk? would have Plunket aghast at the suggestion. Good one Wendyl ? add salmonella to NZ?s woes.

It?s clear that Witchy Wendyl hates Fonterra and anything corporate, but to encourage mums fraught with worry about infant formula into making formula themselves is a recipe for disaster.

She notes:

I am also constantly discovering additives used in processed food here which have been banned in other countries while writing my columnWendyl Wants to Know?.

Yes and Wendyl is constantly having to apologise for getting things wrong too.