I bet he won’t argue with Bubba

A filthy sex offender spent time in court arguing with a judge about which way he should face to avoid being photographed.

He sure won’t be arguing with Bubba about which way to face when he finally gets sent to prison.

A judge this morning told a convicted Hamilton child molester attempting to avoid having his photo taken to “stop acting like a spoilt schoolboy”.

Christopher Ian Crause made a second appearance in Hamilton District Court after being remanded in custody overnight.

Crause, 48, had been on the run from police for more than a year after being found guilty at trial of multiple sex offences against young girls.

During yesterday’s appearance he held a hand up throughout proceedings in order to prevent his picture being taken.

Judge David Ruth again granted the Waikato Times permission to take photos but Crause held a piece of paper up to cover his face. 

Judge Ruth told Crause to put his hands down, which he ignored, before Judge Ruth again told Crause to put his hands down.

Crause then turned around – with his back to the judge – when Judge Ruth told him to face the front.

“Behave yourself, Mr Crause, you’re in enough trouble as it is without acting like a spoilt schoolboy. Do you understand?” Judge Ruth said.

“No,” Crause replied.

“Well your lawyer will explain it for you,” the judge said.

Scum like this should be fitted with lead boots and given a long walk off a short pier.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Out-source incarcerations to China – and scum like this would be a perfect candidate. Numerous up-sides for both NZInc and her peoples, as well as for China also…
    Plus, once they return, these individuals will have a completely new appreciation for NZ and the “freedoms” we all should be able to enjoy and what’s the bet, they have an entirely new attitude also.
    A tax-payer funded stint in China would also help dissuade and dissipate the “wanna-be gansta’s” who have gang initiations that require rape, murder, armed robberies, breaking and entering etc…
    …besides, 12 hour days, 7 days a week of hard, physical labour to pay for plain rice and drinking water – only builds character… and mana – things these thugs need to have installed into their persona one way or the other… so save the NZ tax payer some money, keep NZ safer in the mean time… and end up with convicted criminals willing to adjust attitudes and behaviours.
    What’s the down-side?

    • Jman

      Couldn’t agree more. Bring on the day.

    • hamsap

      Job loss at the prison, and the related construction activities to expand the prison building..

    • Mickrodge

      Unfortunately it’s almost at the stage where our society provides legal recourse for prisoners who feel their rights have been impinged due to having their “Sky Sports” subscription suspended for bad behaviour.

      I’m under no illusions that prison isn’t a particularly nice place to be but when scumbags can sue corrections for getting a tough time in chokey then we really need to have a rethink of our laws.

      • blokeintakapuna

        agree – seem to remember a story about a prisoner who broke a leg or something trying to escape… and Auntie paid him thousands in compensation… but nothing went to his victims?

        • Hazards001

          That was in 1981 or 82 and the law was changed so it could never happen again.
          He was being held for trial on burglary but had not been convicted(I may have that wrong) but had paid income tax on his earnings. He declared his occupation on his IR12 and paid tax on it.He had a job and he paid income tax so was entitled to ACC, if I remember right he got his treatment and the max payout in those days which was 24k (the ceiling..he got a percentage of that based on the disability but it was still a tidy sum) despite the government appealing.

          Inland Revenue was exempt from (and legally obliged not too) giving out the details of a persons occupation to anyone including the police. Their role was one fold. Collect revenue from income earners and they did. ACC payouts were and still are based on your taxable income.
          I don’t know what he claimed his occupation as but I do know that prostitutes that declared their income in those days as prostitution and got an STD were paid ACC until cleared by a doctor to go to work even though prostitution was illegal.

    • Patrick

      Your assumption is that there would be a return to NZ, assigning this fellow to the body parts harvesting queue on entry to China would at least allow for some good to come of his existence.
      Mind you if you were the recipient of some of this chaps organs you may prefer to decline as evolution has clearly left this fellow behind.

    • Col

      NZPURE where even the crims live well.

  • Arran Hunt

    Respect to the Judge for putting this guy in his place.

  • Dr Wang

    Judges are not consistent in policing this behaviour in the dock – we watched a maori child-beater do the same thing on tv earlier this year, and he was allowed to get away with it.

  • williamabong

    Scum lost the right to anonymity the instant he was pronounced guilty, take him to jail and put him in with the general population no segregation, let him feel what it’s like to be the pigeon rather than the statue.

  • steve and monique

    Dirty little fucker. Hope he gets the kicking he deserves when he reaches Waikeria.

  • redeye

    Perhaps a pair of these would help Judge Ruth and the Waikato Times. And wouldn’t they be fun for the rest of us.