The biggest show on cable and yet never shown here

from left, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Si Robertson and Willie Robertson

from left, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Si Robertson and Willie Robertson

Duck Dynasty is cable TVs biggest show and yet it has never been shown here. There are plenty of other cool shows as well that we miss out on…American Hoggers and Meateater for example.

I’d much rather watch those than Storage Wars…which for some strange reason is shown here but not the other two.

‘Till Duck Do Us Part”: That was the title of the most-talked-about television show in America last week. Was it a revamped version of Looney Tunes? An offering from Animal Planet? No. It was the season opener of America’s favorite TV family show, featuring the women of the extended Robertson clan organizing a formal wedding for the heads of the family, Phil and Miss Kay, who 49 years earlier had only been able to afford a justice of the peace.

Not exactly the kind of plot TV executives would expect to draw a record audience. But that’s what happened last Wednesday night on A&E. The backwoods reality show Duck Dynasty drew 11.8 million viewers, which happens to be the most ever for a nonfiction telecast on cable television. 

It’s also 8 million more viewers than the season-five premiere of Mad Men.

It’s nearly 6 million more than this year’s premiere of Breaking Bad.

And it’s almost 3 million more than the finale of The Good Wife.

How did this show about a bunch of bearded men dressed in camo who spend some of their time making high-quality duck calls, and the rest goofing off, beat those shows that media critics swoon over endlessly?

It’s simple. Duck Dynasty didn’t spring from the head of some screenwriter in New York or Los Angeles. It isn’t dark or cynical or ironic. It’s earthy and optimistic and light-hearted and funny, like the Robertson family itself. Like America itself.

No screenwriter could imagine the Robertsons. No screenwriter could dream up a family as funny as this one, doing what it does for a living, and carrying on the way it carries on. A family as fun-loving and soulful. A family as dedicated to the notion of family.

That each show ends around the family dinner table with three generations sitting side by side, with the meal blessed by the family patriarch, makes Duck Dynasty different from anything else on TV.

So why can’t we see it here? It is more popular than all the shows listed above, which are seen here.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    You mean drug addled screenwriters, that eat a pharmacy of smart drugs, to help them be more creative.

  • Orange

    Sounds brilliant fun

  • Kiwimark

    Totally agree. I stumbled across this show while holidaying in Hawaii at Easter. As soon as i got home i watched it from the start. Well worth finding it on the net. great family values and good humor. Been on a countdown until the new series started.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Could you imagine the equivalent here.

    It would have to be Maori, for funding purposes, inter-generational beneficiaries and living in a housing corp house, winging on about how hard life is, and visiting the relatives in prison.

    • baw

      Himm, actually that is reality for many.

      Of course there might be extra funding for a doco or film if it could show that this was going to be made worse by a certain national party government.

  • baw

    The TV industry needs to change with the times. Viewers want to watch what they want when they want for a reasonable price.

    I don’t want to watch something when somebody else chooses. I don’t want to have to set a tuner up so I can do this. (We can choose when we want to watch youtube clips so why don’t we do the same for TV). I don’t want to buy a useless sky box. I have a box called my computer and I have internet.

    Why don’t they just say go out and say please pirate our movies and programs. That is all they are doing.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Remember the days when you had to have a TV license. The so called broadcasting fee.

      • baw

        Himm, I recall that when I was in Ireland. (As an aside getting people to just pay it is with the threat of court action is a poor tax collection method, it would have been better to add it to your power bill.)

        We could put a charge like that on internet connections, but the problem is that not everyone uses the internet for TV programs.

        Still the end of the TV tax in NZ was a good thing.

  • Quack Addict

    It’s about to be shown here. TV2 Saturdays at 7.00pm from September 7th 2013

    • 5 years late

      • XM16E1

        Episode 1 first aired on March 21, 2012 but your point is made.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Yes that is because it is cheaper, if not FREE. Sky will still charge though.

        How many trilogy series have we had now where we never get to see the third series.

      • Quack Addict

        Agreed, which is why I have all 3 seasons on the laptop.

  • blairmulholland

    I just don’t know that it translates to NZ audiences. I’ve never watched an episode of it. I don’t get it. I don’t get why guys with beards like that make good television (in the eyes of some). I can’t see it doing well in NZ.

  • XM16E1

    Well after this post I decided it was time to check it out. Streamed it off the interweb & Chromecasted it to the telly & we sat down & watched the first two episodes. Plenty of laughs, will be watching the rest no doubt.

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