Bizarre claims, plus an instructional video for opponents of GCSB Bill

John Key said on Campbell Live that it would cost billions, and take more than 130,000 spies to wade through all the emails and phone calls in New Zealand.

Good luck with that…I get over 200 emails a day excluding spam, if the GCSB want to help me get through my inbox all power to them. On any given day I usually have around 40 or 50 unread emails.

It is absurd But that’s what the left are accusing the PM of planning – perhaps I’ve missed something but I doubt the PM has plans to expand the GCSB to?three times the size of Google?(which had a total headcount in the second quarter of 44,777 employees).

It is real tinfoil hat stuff. I found this instructional video to help the hard core opponents of the GCSB Bill.?

Those heading along to the meeting?on Monday?might also find this helpful to prevent John Key’s Government satellites from reading your mind…