Bludgers want our money but no accountability

If Maori want continued government support best they start complying with the rules.

Maori language schools are prominent among those refusing to hand over national standards data to the Government – and critics fear at least one school is being punished for its stance.

A Ministry of Education report released under the Official Information Act shows almost half of schools given extra funding to teach in te reo have refused to report their pupils’ literacy and numeracy progress data. 

A total 81 of 198 schools, including kura kaupapa Maori and bilingual education schools, told the ministry they had no plans to hand over the Maori version of the controversial national standards data – Nga Whanaketanga Rumaki Maori. They claimed they had either “political” or “capability” reasons for their failure to hand over the data, the report said.

But an education union fears at least one school is being made to pay for its opposition.

As usual the teachers union is sticking up fro wilful disobedience.

NZEI president Judith Nowotarski said she had heard a different story from Porirua School staff. She feared it would set a precedent.

“It is very heavy-handed and it’s putting the school under pressure.”

Schools are required to report literacy and numeracy results to measure their pupils’ progress from years one to eight, but some schools have held out in opposition.

A Christchurch special character school has also been told it could be stripped of its powers after refusing to report its national standards data. Tamariki School received a letter in June stating that the ministry would recommend a limited statutory manager be appointed.

Literacy and numeracy obviously aren’t important to the NZEI. At least they have now confirmed this.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    He who pays the piper gets to call the tune.
    If Principals/teachers/unions want to have “the final/only say”…. All they need to do is pay for it themselves with their own money… Or STFU!

    It’s not rocket science… This is how the real world works.

    • Mr_Blobby

      These are the same people who cant find the money to pick up a 1.5 kg bag of oats, on special for $4.95, at the supermarket so they can send there kids to school with a full stomach.

  • In Vino Veritas

    It’d be nearly two years since these schools started to set up for National Standards. The only deficiency in capability that they have is their Board and their Principal. The ultimate shareholder should remove both forthwith and put in people that can get things done.

  • spollyike

    So sick of the disobedient natives, every day they fuck us over for our hard earned tax money a little bit more and any respect we have for them deteriorates a little bit more. FFS did anyone read about that Sydney maori woman trying to claim reserve land in Paramata??? What is a “maori/maardi anyway? How can anyone define this race of people anymore? As Busby said: “We are now one people”, at least we were getting there until the PC bullshit started when the baby boomers took control in the 80’s, now we’re fucked, time to get out and leave this shit-hole to the so-called indigenous people, after all us rednecks are just guests in this country and we’ve been fucking them over for years apparently – with our billions of hard earned tax payer dollars and empathy and generosity for a group of racists, with their stone age sized chip on their shoulder!!

    • AnonWgtn

      David Lange & Geoffrey Palmer set the ball rolling.

  • Patrick

    If these schools had the interests of the students front & centre they would be only too happy to comply. Their refusal to comply may indicate that they already acknowledge that their teaching methods are falling woefully short of what is considered to be at standard. The 20% that the schooling system fails miserably will be over represented amoungst these schools & yet the teachers & the teachers union are happy to throw the kids under a bus as long as the teachers retain their current cushy jobs. Disgraceful.

  • Muffin

    Some years ago I was running ‘beach ed’ classes for the lifguard service at piha/Bethalls and Muriwhai.

    We had a Marty immersion school turn up one day and it was terrifying. Firstly they wouldnt acknowledge you in any way unless the teacher told them to in Marty, and basically just treated you like shit because you were a whitey. Fucking dangerous once we got in the water. and not a word of thanks when they left. Totally different from any other class I took, regardless of the race of the students.

    now, with a few more years under my belt, i would have told them class cancelled and to fuck off and learn some manners.

    If this is what our tax goes towards, I thing we are going the wrong way with race relations.

    • Patrick

      Maoris drown just the same as whiteys – would only have taken one or two floaters for them to learn some respect.

      • Col

        But that would be Whiteys fault for not understanding.

        • LabTested

          It was their beach after all that had been stolen from them by people like Muffin. Of course they were resentful to see him there

  • Phar Lap

    Think that’s bad.The Maori have decided not to support the, abuse and violence against children legislation bill.Seems they are more worried about suspected child abusers,being accused.Of course they are quite happy to support and fast track the politicians perks legislation bill.

    • steve and monique

      Sums the fuckers up well. Want money,and wont take responsibility for their shortcomings. Considering the poor track record of murder/abuse of children in the Maori race, you would think their so called leaders would jump at the chance to help.

  • Arran Hunt

    That first line should read “… and critics fear ONLY one school is being punished for its stance.”

    Why are the critics referred to the ones who are against schools following their legal requirements? Why not quote the critics who are critical of schools who don’t want to have their performance monitored (but still want that funding and more)?

  • Col

    These are the people teaching our children, is this what they teach our children?
    Sack the fucking lot and get some who understand the rules.

    • steve and monique

      Agree,we pay their wages(tax) ,and they poison our kids with their bull shit. Sack the lot,and get them to reapply for their jobs. Dont want to tow the line then fuck off.

      • AngryTory

        Sack the lot, deregister em and ban em from all benefits & voting.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Has anybody thought that the reason for not reporting, is that there is nothing positive to report.

    Billions of dollars of tax payer funding and no real improvement.

    Every other race sends their children to specialized schools, at their own cost, end result more people speak Chinese and dozens of other languages than Maori.

    Languages that are more useful in the real World.

    Whats worse is that we have a whole industry sitting around with the English dictionary making up bullshit Maori words.

    • LabTested

      What I loved about the how to spell Wanganui thing was why Marty thought that the letter H was so traditional

  • Tom

    Just cut the fuckers off till they comply. Its not rocket science.