Bludging terrorist ratbags bugger off

Here’s hoping they won’t turn up here.

The family of radical preacher Abu Qatada have left Britain for good after finally dropping their marathon battle to stay in the country.

Abu Qatada’s wife and five children left their taxpayer funded home in north-west London and were driven to Heathrow Airport by officials from the Home Office just after lunchtime.

They then boarded the 5.05pm American Airlines flight to Amman, where Qatada is currently awaiting trial of terrorism charges. 

The family’s departure signals a victory for the Home Office, which successfully secured Qatada’s deportation from Britain last month, following a decade long legal battle, which is estimated to have cost the taxpayer in excess of £3 million.

A spokesman for the Home Office confirmed that the family had left and said they had also abandoned their bid to be granted the right to live here permanently.

The spokesman said: “Abu Qatada’s wife and five children have now left the UK. The family has formally agreed to stop an outstanding application for indefinite leave to remain.”


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  • Stuarts.burgers

    But did that include his boy who was doing jail time for robbery ???

    • Marky123

      I think you mean Abu Hamza,his sons were part of a car stealing ring as well as armed robbers(unlike their dad,who was unarmed…geddit?)He was the one-eyed hook handed snackbar…

      • marky123

        Who got deported to America despite years of appeals by his lawyers who were funded by legal aid,ie the British taxpayer.

  • maninblack

    how the hell does that guy live in a state funded house? Does that not seem insane!!
    I dont know why the english are not rioting in the streets having to fund so many bludgers!!

  • tarkwin

    Probably round at Keith Lockes place.

  • Phar Lap

    Think we have a carbon copy of a similar sort of scenario.The guy came here tore up his passport and cost the NZ taxpayer plenty.Only difference is he was given the bells and whistles plus he was allowed lots of relatives to join him.The cost to the NZ taxpayer, a lot more than the three million pound equivalent in NZ dollars.Allegations also say a state funded residence has been provided.

    • ahab the arab

      ahmed zoaui

  • Macca

    So who is the bigger criminal? The preacher or all the blood sucking lawyers who have strung this out for 10 years? As in our country, these are the guys who dream up the laws and then give them to the politicians to make them law – full of fish hooks and loopholes so they can amend them for years to come. Talk about feathering your own nest!

  • Patrick

    Pity he didn’t take the rest with him, there are thousands of similar ilk that should be packed up & sent on their way. Bludging off the taxpayer & all the while sending their kids to the Al Qaeda training camps to fight against the very nation that has given them everything they have. They despise democracy but fall over themselves to live in democratic countries.

    • thor42

      Agreed, Patrick.

      I’m putting together a document for an anti-Islam forum that I spend a lot of time on (and there are some *very* good ex-Muslims there too who absolutely hammer Muslims in debates.)

      The document puts the case that Islam is an *ideology/cult* – not a “religion”.

      For example – did you know that 60% of the Islamic texts (the Koran, hadith and Sira) are about *non-Muslims*? Not only that, but 31% of the texts are about jihad.

      Ideologies often have a *goal* of some kind.

      Naziism had goals of racial purity, invasion and killing of Jews. Communism and socialism have goals of control over the masses and subversion of capitalist countries.

      *Islam* has the goal – explicitly stated – of converting the whole world to Islam, and this is also shown in documents like CAIR’s pledge to “destroy America from the inside out”.
      Many Muslims in the West have stated their goal of taking over their countries too.

      Islam is *also* about control. Control in a BIG way, of almost everything that Muslims do.

      Combine the above facts with the fact that shari’a law ventures far outside the usual domain of a “religion” and you get a pretty strong case that Islam is an ideology/cult, not a “religion”.

  • cows4me

    Just another prick that used the freedoms of the west to attack the west, when will we learn, it’s certainly taking a while.

  • parorchestia

    State house, legal aid, welfare benefits….
    No wonder he didn’t want to leave.

  • marky123

    The family’s departure signals a victory for the Home Office, which successfully secured Qatada’s deportation from Britain last month
    No it didn’t!He left,nobody forced him.

  • Ahab the arab

    Why the f*#@ would those immigrants who go to UK or any western country to live because they don’t like or are unhappy in their own fuckup country, now try to impose the very same sharia law on their new country . Then they preach in their mosque that the west is a decadent evil immoral country and must be destroyed? It’s time we keep these bastards away and tell them if you come here, this is our way of life, and if you don’tlike it, go back to where you come from.
    prime example here: Ahmed Zoaui. spent millions of our $ taxpayers on legal aid and now he is legal.