Bongo bongo MP makes Richard Prosser look like a big girl’s blouse

Richard Prosser talks the big game, but when confronted after his “wogistan” he promptly caved and apologised.

Not so Godfrey Bloom, who went on and caused more outrage and has now shared he used to beat up blouses like David Cameron when at school.

Godfrey Bloom, the outspoken Ukip MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, reckons he’s the most misunderstood man in Britain. “It’s all vilification,” he says, thumping the table, his blue eyes bulging out of their sockets.

“Nobody looks at the context of what I say. Most of the people who are shocked by it are the metropolitan elite; people up here, in the old Boot and Shoe or the Barnes Wallis pub, ask me how I get in the newspaper for stating the blinding obvious.”

The “blinding obvious” this week came in the form of a comment piece for, in which Bloom, 63, made his case against enforced quotas for women in boardrooms. Having been involved in some controversy over gender equality in the past (in 2004, he was accused of encouraging employers to sack pregnant women), he thought he was setting the record straight. But it backfired. Bloom argued that women are more suited to finding “mustard in the pantry” than reversing cars, more interested in making beds and tidying bathrooms than business and said feminism was the domain of “shrill, bored middle-class women of a certain physical genre”. 

Heh, better even than Alasdair Thompson.

It was the second time in a matter of weeks that Bloom, whose public profile among Ukip members is now second only to that of its leader, Nigel Farage, has generated inflammatory headlines. Earlier this month he earned the nickname “Mr Bongo Bongo” after a video emerged of him making an apparently racist speech about the UK’s foreign aid budget being spent abroad on Ray-Ban sunglasses and Ferraris. Bloom initially refused to apologise for his remarks, but said he would stop using the phrase after a ticking off from his party.

Still didn’t apologise. Tough nut.

Forthright, stubborn, with trenchant views on everything from global warming (a fallacy) to fixed speed cameras (should be abolished), Bloom sees himself as a man of the people.

In “his world” (the rugby club, the cricket club, the pub), he claims, people still can’t see what the problem was. “We’ve had 4,000 emails in support of what I said,” he insists, shuffling through letters on his cluttered desk. He has a printout from a newspaper article, stating all the meanings of “bongo bongo”, on which he has written “Which is racist?” If he feels so strongly about it, why did he back down?

“I have not apologised,” he blusters, with another thump of the table. “And I will never apologise. What I did, and I was very careful, was to say that if I have caused any genuine offence, I regret that. It’s a derogatory phrase, yes, but I meant it to be derogatory — I didn’t mean it to be racist. The boss man said, ‘Don’t use it again’, and I won’t, because I’m a disciplined individual and he’s the boss.”

Never apologise…see that Richard Prosser.

Bloom is proud of the recent surge in support for Ukip, taking total numbers to over 30,000. He recognises that Ukip can attract extremists but insists they’re far from the group of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” that David Cameron has described. “I don’t consider myself to be a particularly impressive individual, but if you look at my CV compared with Cameron’s, mine is awesome,” he booms. He describes the Prime Minister as “pigeon-chested; the sort of chap I used to beat up” and says Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister — “the other guy”— is a “vacuous young man with no experience of anything”.



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  • cows4me

    The Ukip are the result of people sick to fuck of political correctness and government that claims to do the will of the people when trying for reelection but doing the absolute opposite when voted in. The Ukip speak for the masses who don’t have a voice, like the so many fucking moaning minority groups, nor do they speak for the same old game played between right and left parties. If Ukip was in NZ I would happily put my arse on the line, join up, even try for a job.

    • Hazards001

      If Ukip was in NZ I’d be your campaign manager! Or running

  • Foster

    Fuck I like that guy. He’s what we need in New Zealand politics not these poofters and angry wasp unionists with hateful agendas.
    As for women I board rooms – I work in a tough industry as a exec with direct access to the board. Our company is international and turns over $100 billion.
    There are virtually no women at my level. As an observation I would say they don’t have the stomach for it. They generally can’t handle the pressure, get upset and focus to heavily on issues that make no money. They are too soft.
    Women are fantastic creatures – don’t get me wrong – but they do not have the brassies to stick it with narcissistic types and socio psychopaths like me who hold the reigns.
    So this chap in Britain – is on the money. I like him.

  • RMA Lawyer

    I’ve made female partners of major Auckland law firms cry in Chambers.
    They don’t handle the pressure like men and it takes a lot of guts to climb to the top of any profession. Very few women do that and those that do are not steely enough to leap to board members. One has to be very very good to get there.
    Except in a government organisation when anything goes.

  • Stevenson

    It’s all the fault of political correctness. Surely if people are genuinely any good at their job they will make it to the top?
    Wen you have to change law to help those who simply don’t have the experience or skill set or personality to run a big company there is a major problem.
    This chap is right.

  • Alman

    Godfrey Bloom for Prime Minister of New Zealand………… lets get rid of these pc brigaders

  • thehawkreturns

    Over here we are still blessing the earth where a road is about to be laid. We ARE bongo bongo land!