Borat’s home bans Fonterra

It looks like more countries are banning Fonterra products. Including Borat’s Kazakhstan:

Former Soviet republics Belarus and Kazakhstan have joined Russia in banning Fonterra dairy products in the wake of the dairy giant’s botulism scare, Trade Minister Tim Groser has confirmed.

A spokeswoman for Mr Groser said the two central Asian nations had placed “temporary restrictions” on Fonterra products, the same move taken by Russia last week.

The two countries were small markets for Fonterra, the spokeswoman said. 

I can just imagine Borat’s press release:


“Jagshemash, welcome, I like you. Fonterra botulism milk is not fit anymore for Kazakhstan baby, except for shipment to Jewtown and orphans of the hairy child.”


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  • kehua

    Hope they are watching Valerie kicking their arses with NZ fed power the stinking cheats and liars.

    • Travis Poulson

      I sure hope Ostrich-chook is watching. The mongrel.

  • Andrei

    Is this the Herald going into oh woe is us mode?

    Belarus is a large dairying country in its own right and is unlikely to be importing much in the way of our dairy products anymore than we would be importing theirs

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    This should please stinking Hippie Norman to a large extent. This creep gets all his excitement from NZ’s misery.

  • DLNZ

    Its probably a good idea for Belarus to ban Fonterra – look what artificial hormones and chemicals have done to some of their female shotput competitors.

  • WayneO

    Glorious nation of Kazakhstan bans botulism imports due to possible risk of whey protein contamination.

  • cows4me

    They’ll probably want to do a deal now, we’ll probably have to take more of their shitty tractors instead of hard currency.

  • Democ Kot

    Not the only error Kazakhstan has made in the past!!!this was their national anthem and not even the Borat parody which was played in kuwait by mistake!!!

  • Mediaan

    Total dairy exports to Kazakhstan per annum from NZ are at present less than the price of a house in Auckland, about $620,000.

    For every $1000 Kazakh Tenge currency lost from Kazakhstan, Fonterra loses $8.23.

    But the Kazakh rugby team beat the Irish rugby team not long ago, far more seriously.

    (No implicated whey concentrate of the worrisome batch reached Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan from Fonterra. Or anywhere else overseas.)

  • Kazakh Ministry of Information

    Kazakh Biological Warfare Industry demands protection from cheap NZ imports.