Boris Johnson gives the Dagos a kick in the cods

Boris Johnson is never one to mince words and he has not done so in having a discussion about the Dagos demanding Gibraltar back.

I don’t for one minute believe that this spat has been provoked by the Gibraltarians. Forget all this palaver about a few concrete blocks that have been dumped in the sea. That isn’t why the Spanish are going back to the Franco-style blockade. This isn’t a row about fish. I am afraid that this is a blatant diversionary tactic by Madrid, and though it would be ludicrous to compare the Rajoy government with the tyranny of General Galtieri and his invasion of the Falklands, the gambit is more or less the same.

Mr Rajoy not only has political problems caused by a corruption scandal, but another and more fundamental difficulty. When I queued for hours in La Línea, all those years ago, it was an unashamedly tacky sort of place. There were stalls selling “hamburgesias” and candyfloss, and an awful fair involving tiny ponies lashed to a carousel – their pizzles knotted (I kid you not) to stop them urinating – while colossal flamenco-dressed children sat astride their little bowed backs. But at least it was bright and bustling, and full of business of one kind or another.

Today the unemployment rate in La Línea is 36 per cent, while the overall unemployment rate in Spain is 26 per cent and shows no sign of coming down. Youth unemployment is still over 50 per cent, and the worst of it is that Spanish unit labour costs – the key index of productivity – are actually rising by comparison with Germany, not falling. The prospects of a whole generation of young Spaniards are being sacrificed on the altar of monetary union.

The euro is the crisis facing the Spanish government, not the right of the Gibraltarians to fish off their own Rock. The problem in Spain today isn’t the Treaty of Utrecht, it’s the Treaty of Maastricht, and it is a supreme irony that a process that was meant to bring harmony among European nations should actually be provoking this bizarre row between Britain and Spain. The real and long-term solution isn’t for some Anglo-Spanish condominium over Gibraltar; if anything, it is for Spain to bring back the peseta.

In the meantime Madrid should be in no doubt as to the strength of British determination. Remember what the Queen said in 1981, when Charles and Diana went on their honeymoon cruise to Gibraltar, on the royal yacht Britannia. The Spanish protested, and so she phoned King Juan Carlos. As she later confided to the Privy council, she told him: “It’s my yacht, my son, and my Rock.” That’s the spirit.


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  • conwaycaptain

    What is it with these Latins they keep harping on about something that happened year ago and they think that the local population wants to join their corrupt countries.
    There was a dispute between Jersey and France over a reef of rocks. They went to the Int Court, Jersey won, end of story.
    France lost Quebec but held on to St Pierre et Miquelon. You don’t see France going on and on ad infinitum about Quebec or the Canadians about St P et M.
    Reason HK went back to the Chinese was the area of the Kowloon foreshore that would stay in HK hands after the end of the lease of the New Territories was too small. Britain was seceded HK by China in perpetuity and the majority of the Population is ethnic Chinese so a treaty was drawn up and the UK handed the colony back.
    The populations of Gib and the Falklands don’t want to be Sp or Argie to the two the two Corrupt people Kirchner and Rajoy

  • Harroputza

    Good on ya, Liz!

  • Get a Grip

    Well well, after all my fathers teachings I thought Dagos were Italians

    • HtD

      No, Italians are Wops.

  • cows4me

    Lot easier to get the unemployed youth riled up against the nasty rock stealing Pommies then getting them looking at their own inept corrupt leadership.

  • Hazards001

    The problem in Spain today isn’t the Treaty of Utrecht, it’s the Treaty of Maastricht….

    Fucking treaties, they always seem to be a problem for someone…just saying!

  • Marty

    Good old ER

    PS Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands may be shit holes. But they are British shit holes.