BREAKING: Former Deputy Principal James Parker has been sentenced

I bet this sex offender was registered too.

Former Deputy Principal James Parker has been sentenced to preventive detention with a minimum period of imprisonment of 7 years.

He is now formally declared a sex offender.

Good riddance.


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  • Whafe

    Hope the other prisoners dangle his nuts in a pot of boiling marmalade

    • That’s rather specific.

      • Bunswalla

        Strawberry jam then, or any sugary fruit-based spread.

        • Col

          Is that what the prisoners call a toffee apple on a stick?

    • Justsayn

      I’d be happy with them simply beating him to within an inch of his life, every second Thursday, for the rest of his life.

      • Mediaan

        Needs executing. If they are looking for a person to operate the execution mechanism, I will learn.

        He’s a selfish little toad who cares about his own comforts, ahead of the lifelong welfare of growing children he has has been paid to care for. Those children are damaged and scarred for life.

        Did people hear the victim testimony that he told their parents they were lying about sex abuse, when they tried to to get help from their families, and because he had. Professional teaching position they believed him, disbelieving them. Which means they treated the child as naughty for complaining.

        I could happily kill the nasty little thug.

    • manuka416

      Nice thought, but he’ll be separated from the general population – paedo unit.

      • That’s got to be a 24/7 party to work at.

  • Shoreboy57

    I assume he was registered? Teachers Council acted yet?

    • Teachersrock

      He is a registered sex offender. He would have lost his registration (more likely than not) once this all began.

      Easiest way to check is go to the TC website, put his name into the search engine, and if his name pops up, I will help light the torches to burn the TC down.

      • Darwin39

        Better get those torches ready mate:

        Name Reg No. Type Expiry
        Parker, James Robertson 217428 Full 5 Oct 2014

        • Teachersrock

          You are shitting me!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Darwin39

            Unfortunately not.

          • Teachersrock

            FFS!!!!!!!!!! Get the lighter fluid and torches!! >:0(

          • Shoreboy57

            Real time data – still here today. You would think they could make some effort to promptly deregister a convicted kiddie fiddler – do they need to take a vote?

          • Teachersrock

            You would think they would have the fcuking common sense to strip him of his registration post haste! If anything to cover their own arse!

            Not many situations I would think this, or suggest it, but perhaps someone could suggest to the media that this guy is still registered.

            Might speed up the process of the TC being forced to disclose convicted teachers.

  • AnonWgtn

    Not enough – he will have a problem in prison having fiddled with Maori boys as our prisons are full of Maori fellas. It is very possible if he gets out anywhere from the segregated unit he will be dog tucker.
    Chemical castration would also be appropriate.

    • Justsayn

      Don’t use chemicals, a rusty blunt knife will do.

    • He may well end up at the Te Moenga unit at Whanganui Prison. It is where serious sex offenders, ex-police and witness protection inmates are housed. I’ve been there a few times to assist with church services, and it would be one of the most depressing places that I have ever been.

      But even amongst the sex offenders there is a pecking order, and Parker will be at the absolute bottom of it. There is no way that he would survive amongst the general prison population.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Another reason why NZInc needs either the death penalty – or the ability to “outsource” our prisoners to the likes of China for their incarceration terms.
    Then convicted felons could actually spend their entire sentence behind bars, where their only option to survive is to adjust the entitlement / “caged warrior” attitude and accept remedial therapies – or have the Chinese assist them with that attitude adjustment.
    Protects NZ and her peoples, saves the tax payer plenty of dosh, plus it also helps out our trading partners Comrade Auntie signed us up to – with hard currency / or Fonterra milk powder.
    Why the delay in implementing it?

    • slade52

      Maybe Parker could taste test the milk powder for us too.

  • 4077th

    “Preventative Detention” Let’s hope the parole board has this sentence and sentiment in mind in 7 years. He is another Stuart Murray Wilson and the public at large should not have to worry about filthy pedos like this roaming the streets again in 7 years. He is now where he and his sins belong. There is no rehabilitation for these psychopaths only supervision will prevent any more harm being done. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • RuthM

      Judith Collins talked a good game about Public Protection Orders for mongrels like this when Murray-Wilsons sentence end came ….. the bill hasn’t had it’s first reading yet! Bring them on so we can be safe and not risk the Parole Board letting this critter or similar out!

      • As a PD inmate Ruth, Parker will be on life parole anyway, and the Parole Board will only consider releasing him when he can satisfy the Board that he is no longer a risk. The difference with Wilson was that he had a finite sentence, whereas PD is technically infinite.

  • I’ll do it my way

    If you want to buy shoes you go to a shoe shop.
    If you want to fiddle with kids you go to a school
    Wake up Teachers Council, registration of teachers will have to come under the magnifying glass even more now, protection of our young and innocent Must be a priority to the teachers council.
    Save our children please.

    • Bunswalla

      That’s a stupid and inaccurate generalisation, unfair to hundreds of genuine male teachers that don’t in fact like to fiddle with kids. It’s not like me to stick up for teachers but do you really want to hound every male out of the schooling system and leave it to the wimmin?

      For far too many primary school kids, a male teacher is the only positive male role model in their lives. By all means be vigilant and weed out the pedos but don’t tar every male teacher with the same sick brush.

      And by the way, a lot of people buy shoes on the internet – probably get their kiddy porn from the same place.

      • I’ll do it my way

        If you want to buy shoes you go to a shoe shop.
        If you want to fiddle with kids you go to a school
        this is a little jingle that pedos sing been around for over 20 years.
        I was upset just as you are when I was first told it a pedo scumbag
        unfair to hundreds of genuine male teachers ..yes I agree
        but not stupid or inaccurate

        • Bunswalla

          I’m less familiar with you than the songs pedos sing and haven’t had a conversation with any that I know of.

          You could’ve made it clear it wasn’t your view in the first place, but to promote it as fact is still stupid and inaccurate.

        • Teachersrock

          Actually yes stupid and inaccurate.

    • Teachersrock

      Actually the number of pedos in schools is small.

      Yes, one is one too many, but it is that sort of scaremongering that has given us the modern staff room of next to no male teachers.

      • GregM

        Yes, unfortunately one fuckwit like this Mr Parker is going to put men off joining the profession, which is a real shame.
        The Male teacher that I know is a real good bastard in every way, and has an uphill battle with the feminazis already. This is not going to help.

        • Teachersrock

          Yep. Very sad, but true.

      • I’ll do it my way

        It is not scaremongering no matter how you try and dumb it down.
        the number of pedos in schools is not small
        a pedophile is an an adult who is sexually attracted to young children, 13 years and under
        today male teacher James Parker was sentenced
        yesterday teacher Ted Wynyard Davis ,appeared in court for indecent acts on girls aged 9-10
        who is it going to be tomorrow?
        you make me sick teacherscrockofshit I would rather a modern staff room empty of males than one more child be abused.
        Positive Real Role models are to be found in all walks of life not just in schools.
        Grown adults in positions of trust and power molester children for self gratification. it happens that some are teachers. but mostly they are males. Men who people say are good blokes till they get caught then they are vile scum and only fit for the scrap heap.
        Yes there are some good male teachers but if they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear.
        Children are the future parents, who wants our future filled with pedos ……not me.

        • Techersrock

          I suggest you lock yourself in a dark room until you grow a brain, Then you may rejoin society,

          How about the women teachers who abuse students? How about some pseudo outrage for that? So no male or female teachers allowed using your twisted logic.

          Shall we just ask cats and dogs to teach, or is that still too much of a risk for you.


          • Mediaan

            Your facts on this matter of women homosexual teachers? Who also abuse students? (This would be rare IMO).

          • Teachersrock

            Ahhh, I see. These comments have nothing to do with pedo’s and more to do with how can we blame the gays,

            How pathetic.

        • GregM

          So according to you, all female teachers good, but all male teachers must be treated with suspicion, but some may be okay. You Idiot. Anonymous cowards like you are what is stopping good quality men ( like the majority of men are ) from joining the profession and making a difference for our children.
          Men in the classroom needs to be encouraged, not eliminated to suit your personal anti men agenda.
          Get over yourself and look in the mirror. I’m with teachersrock on this one.

        • Teachersrock

          I see you have deleted your account and tried to hide as a guest.

          Figured out how stupid your comments were did you?

      • Mediaan

        How you would know, dolt. You are just inventing statistics as usual. The places are bulging with them.

        • Teachersrock

          Wow, what an ignorant and stupid statement.

  • CheesyEarWax

    I hope he likes bending over to get the soap.

    • Justsayn

      He probably does. I hope he likes getting the shit beaten out of him.

  • Chris Blackington

    Homosexual predator.

    • A man.
      A human.

      • Chris Blackington

        Who is a homosexual predator, correct.

        • I just don’t appreciate the smear Chris.

          • Mediaan

            It is no comment whatever on you. Any more than a comment on Obama is a comment on you, because he also comes from a western English-speaking nation.

        • Teachersrock

          Sexuality has nothing to do with being a pedo.

      • Mediaan

        An immature, lying human who leans on children and makes them suffer terribly for life so he can get sexual pleasures. The commenter said he was a homosexual predator. Literally true. He is homosexual and a predator. Get over it, Petal.

        You expect people like me to say, “Oh no, I can’t criticise that teacher
        as it might offend Petal who also identifies with homosexual men?”

    • Teachersrock

      Oh dear, I see you are poorly educated.

      • Chris Blackington

        Which part of that statement do you find factually incorrect? Please enlighten me o wise one.

        • Teachersrock

          The implied meaning.

          Sexuality has ZERO impact on pedophilia.

          • Mediaan


          • Teachersrock

            No, crap would be the idea that it does. But then there are some on here who see a queer and happily label them pedos.

            Ignorance is a terrible thing. Those sorts of people should educate themselves.

          • Mediaan

            You make a statement, then deny a quite different statement.

            (One of your little garbage techniques of fake argument. You appear to have quite a few.)

            Your original statement, which was argued by Chris Blackington, was, “Sexuality has ZERO impact on pedophilia.” Now you are arguing against people labelling ALL queers paedophiliacs. So clearly you are aware this earlier statement was wildly inaccurate.

            Grow up intellectually, garbage brain.

            Bah. I am obviously wasting my time talking to an intellectually dishonest person like you.

        • Mediaan

          I have replied to the little toad, complaining about his intellectual dishonesty to you. Waste of time, but I did.

  • mike

    7 years? What a joke… the guy should never see the light of day again! Lock him in a 2m by 1m room and throw away the key, only let him out for his funeral.

    • GregM

      Yes agree, I would have expected an MPI of at least 15 years given that the offending was at the highest end of the scale. Have to wait for the sentencing notes to come out to find out why only 7 years.

    • manuka416

      The minimum imprisonment period isn’t that significant, the preventative detention sentence is very significant – it means that he can be retained in prison as long as he is deemed a threat, i.e. for the rest of this natural life.

      • rockape

        The important point is with PD he can be returned to prison at any time and can be monitored for yhe rest of his life. Sadly we have to pay but there is always hope that the Cuzz of some kid he abused will be in the same shower room and in a position to save us that 94 000 a year!

  • peterwn

    He seemed not to have been in trouble previously, so I thought that the judge would rule out PD. Tip to judges and their clerks – sentence on the heavy side and let Court of Appeal reduce it. If judges sentence on the light side, and a prosecutor’s appeal is successful the Appeal Court is required to impose the minimum sentence that is not manifestly inadequate. I think Justice Paul Heath has got the point here.

    7 years minimum might seem low, but is just the beginning – he will most probably be inside for a much longer period.

    • peterwn

      oops. While he had no previous convictions – he was warned in no uncertain terms about his behaviour in 2009 – there was just not enough evidence for conviction then. Reading Heath J’s judgment this was a major point he considered and this no doubt pushed sentencing right into PD territory. IMO Paul is a very careful and thorough judge and his sentencing will be highly appeal resistant.

  • Garbageman

    Cost of a bullet = ?

  • Agent BallSack

    IMO it’s about 63 years too short

  • tarkwin

    The sad thing is, there are still people in Kaitaia who think he was a good teacher and don’t believe he did it.

  • Will

    Great to see him put away, but the former Principal, who was informed of the allegations and did nothing, should be accountable too. I know he was fired but surely when someone so drastically fails in their duty of care to children, and those children suffer terrible abuse as a result, they should be accountable to the justice system e.g. jail time.

    • Teachersrock

      Both the BOT and Principal should be questioned very closely on this issue.

  • sarah

    7 years is absolutely crap. Understand he also has PD but he has been able to carry on for 13 years even convincing parents that their children were wrong. What makes anyone think he cannot manipulate the system and make the parole board believe he no longer poses a threat?

    • baza

      The fact that he could be out in 7 years is an insult to the victims.