Brewer, Quax and Stewart already elected

The nominations for local body elections have now closed and three councillors have already been confirmed, essentially elected due to the lack of opposition.

They are Sharon Stewart and Dick Quax in Howick Ward and Cameron Brewer in Orakei. All are top performers in their wards, working tirelessly for the local community, the lack of opposition would seem to confirm this.


It is perplexing to see the left wing not try to stand against them, or anyone else for that matter. Though given the lack of resources they it is probably smart to concentrate those in areas at the margins, like in Maungakiekie-Tamaki where the tired old warhorse and rifler of desk drawers Richard Northey will face a battle from the much younger and energetic Denise Krum. 

They will also need to try to fight off Christine Fletcher and Nigel Turnbull in Albert-Eden-Roskill. Shrieking harpy Cathy Casey faces a tough battle especially from Nigel Turnbull who is a cop and all round top bloke.

Albany could be interesting, there are the usual local try hards and drop kicks in the mix but Brent Robinson has put his name forward there. He has the backing of local MP Mark Mitchell, who beat him in the selection battle for Rodney electorate. Great to see the two getting along there. It would be nice to see Wayne Walker get tipped out there. He is a toady to Len Brown and lacks critical thinking.

Anyway, it is all locked and loaded now. Game on.


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  • Travis Poulson

    Please no, not Cathy Casey. No. Just no, no fucking way. Not again, please. NEVER AGAIN.

    Put her out of our misery.

  • Nick K

    The turnout will be less than 30%. No one cares which is why these three have been re-elected unopposed.

  • Guest

    A very good summary WO.

    A tough one for the centre-right is in Whau Ward (Avondale and New Lynn), where long time C&R councillor Noelene Raffills is up against local Ross Clow.

    I suspect you would want a C&R person over a Labour person but here the decision is much more difficult.

    Raffills is not very bright, and without support (e.g., someone telling her how to vote the right way), she has ended up in the arms of Len Brown. She has betrayed many of her colleagues with the way she has voted, not to mention all the C&R people who tirelessly worked to get her elected in numerous elections since her late husband Phil Raffills died in 2000. She has even left the C&R ticket, so frankly is owned NO support from the organised centre-right.

    Clow on the other hand, is his own man. A Labour-leaning man, but fair minded and business friendly. He served on the old Waitakere council, so has experience. He also lives locally in Whau Ward, unlike Raffills, who has remarried, renamed herself after her new husband, and moved to Mangere Bridge, over 15 mins drive away.

    If she stood as Noelene Judd of Mangere Bridge, no one would vote for her in Whau. Raffills is trading off the back of her dead husband. It’s time for voters to get someone new in Whau.

    • le sphincter

      She no longer belongs to CR, no mention of the brand.
      Its now an astroturf organisation Community First, in orange none the less.
      All the local board have ditched CR as well…oh dear

  • Patrick

    Is Denise Krum….crumpet? or is that the sort of comment one would expect from Tony Abbott?

    • GazzW

      Denise Krum is one smart cooky Patrick and a looker as well. She seems to be well organised as I have had two calls already from her people. Maungakiekie is ripe for the picking. Sam Lotu Iiga has turned the electorate into a bit of a Nat stronghold and the demographics have changed radically. I suspect that Northey is fucked this time around.

      Brown is going to be mayor again – we have to present him with a C&R council or Auckland is buggered.

    • Never in the dark…..

      Definitely an Abbott comment.

      I know the Krums and the Lees personally, I’d lose the respect of her husband and father should I even think that.

      She’s a good lady, from good stock. Given who her father is, she’s been in politics since childhood really.

      • Patrick

        Thanks to both yourself & GazzW – it was a “tongue in cheek” comment but subsequently I googled her & found her website & yes she does appear to be an impressive, intelligent & capable person. Besides which she is also a looker! Good luck to Denise & I wish her well, anyone prepared to take on the leftie pricks in Auckland has to be welcomed.

        • GazzW

          Northey has been troughing for far too long and now that we have to suffer Beaumont queening it again (her photoshopped promo material states ‘ your Labour MP based in Maungakiekie’) its time for a change on the Council.

  • Muffin

    Wayne walker is a ducking cunt

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Does anybody care about Local body elections? Labour and Greens are going to sweep every town and city. Sucks really.

    • LesleyNZ

      We should care far more about local body elections – it is where we live.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        If you haven’t figured out already, I live in Planet Labour…..

        • LesleyNZ

          La la land?

  • LesleyNZ

    The North Shore ward and local boards are going to be interesting.

    • Travis Poulson

      Waitakere Ranges local board will be too

  • MaCleans boy

    I like Quax. He at least has grasp of what he is talking about even if his political opponents disagree with him.
    That’s more than can be said format others. Len Brown for instance wouldn’t know his way around a planning document or it’s interpretation if if jumped out and punched him in the chops.
    But that Quax. Nice guy. Informed. And most importantly – represents precisely what his constituents want.

  • RoscoPicoTrain

    What’s important – and let’s not forget it – is the right person to vote for is whoever promises that our wife’s tits will grow bigger.

    • Travis Poulson

      If you’re not happy trade her in. What’s more disturbing is a doctor upvoted you.

  • Pointless

    If there’s one thing I’d like to do it’s fight off Christine Fletcher.

  • Johnny T

    Not sure it’s a good sign the lack of candidates. Can work the other way, looks like the only person running for regional council is Paul Swain (pronounced Swine in this house). Stuck with the cunt for a few more years.