Can you outrun the police on a motorbike?


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  • Freakin good/lucky driving.

  • thor42

    Wow! The police did *really well* to keep up.

    You’d expect the person on the bike to get away at least 80% of the time (I’d expect that anyway).

    • Allan

      Yeah I thought they would have lost him in traffic or the poor bugger would have developed a serious case of road rash

  • steve and monique

    NZ police would have stopped pursuit 30 seconds in.

  • cows4me

    Can you outrun the police on a motorbike, is the pope Catholic.

  • Michael

    Motorbikes are notoriously slow going round corners. You see the police car catching up at those points. The police also have the advantage of the sirens and horns getting traffic to move out of the way, where the motorbike has to pick the right gaps.

  • Col

    Not like the one I saw round the streets here in CHCH last year, they went pass 3 times and there were 5 police cars chasing all over the area, the bike got away.

  • Harvey Wilson

    Moral of the story – don’t buy a 150cc wank bike.

    • WayneO

      Yep, he was riding on a sewing machine. And sports bike would have blitzed the car due to the massive acceleration advantage.