Can we tell fat bastards they are fat too?

Once smoking is finally killed off in New Zealand expect the troughers in the anti-smoking industry to move to attacking obesity, food ingredients, sugar and fat.

They will use the same tactics. Here is one of them. Abusing smokers and treating them like pariahs despite their massive contributions to the state coffers.

Though tactic might have some merit though.

Forget their health, aim at their vanity – research suggests smokers who are told they stink are more likely to quit the habit.

In findings that are to be published in the prestigious Journal of Smoking Cessation, an Auckland University research team reveals insights into the real reasons that prompt smokers to quit and shows how quit campaigns are wide of the mark. 

The survey – “Do New Zealand Maori and Pacific walk the talk when it comes to stopping smoking? A qualitative study of motivation to quit” – finds that questioning the personal hygiene of smokers may be a significant motivator.

One of the report’s authors, Dr Marewa Glover, said campaigns with the primary purpose of triggering quit attempts should include more emotionally loaded reasons, such as “it stinks”.

“It stinks probably has a greater emotional load because it relates to personal hygiene and can be associated with stigma, shame and embarrassment,” she said.

This was highly likely to trigger a decision to stop smoking.

I wonder how they are all going to cope once e-cigarettes take over as a nicotine delivery method, with no smells, no burning and no tobacco?


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  • John1234

    It’s true though, that smokers smell really bad. As do many morbidly obese people who physically can’t wash themselves properly.

    • Harroputza

      “Bro, you’ve gotta cut down on the Big Bens. It’s hard to be your friend when I know for a fact you can’t reach down to wash your own arse crack.”

  • Lion_ess

    Fascinating how the Western world has become fixated on “converting” smokers, one wonders where this is all leading. Not happy that people give up tobacco, now “authorities” want to ban / regulate E-cigarettes. I wonder why?
    In addition to the earlier WO item this morning on the Pom’s wanting to ban e-cigarettes on trains, so too is the NY mayor seeking to regulate e-cigarettes and in fact, to classify them as Tobacco, even though they’re not.
    Yes, they’ll be coming for fatties next , goodbye (good riddance) golden arches, plain packaging and lunch-box inspections will be on their way. Perhaps Council’s will ban the consumption of unhealty food from public places, forcing people to only consume these items within the confines of their own homes so long as there are no children present who may forced to witness junk food consumption.
    I sense we won’t be far off fines for people who don’t comply with green agendas too – perhaps Council’s can get their swimming pool inspection nazis to check private recycling bins at the same time….
    So much for less Government – each day I feel more and more like we’re being rounded up … for something.

  • Col

    The larger people can wear those dresses the Muslim people wear in Iran, that will hide there size and no one will want to say anything to them.

  • LionKing

    You’re right WO, all those troughers are moving into trying to protect us all from being fat. But while the big Pharma companies are paying them to push their nicotine replacement patches and gums etc they will continue to harp on about smoking blah blah, blah.

    When you read that article you see some university “expert” called Hoek right in the trough as well. These self proclaimed “experts” need more coverage to justify tucking into more research to tell us how to live.

    What’s the bet they have pretty small pathetic lives hence trying to tell everyone else how to live. They should fuck off.

  • Jaffa

    What, in case they don’t know they’re fat?

    • Bunswalla

      I am not overweight. I’m just under-tall.

    • Travis Poulson

      Cheers for the selfie

      • Right. You know that’s going to have to escalated at some point, smarty pants….

    • cows4me

      This what happens when you chew your toenails.

  • JeffDaRef

    So if its down to we the people to shame smokers into quitting, remind me again why millions and millions of dollars have been tipped into all sorts of promotion and campaigns???

  • Mr_Blobby

    Well what can I say. I myself am overweight. I don’t give a shit what you call me.

    Then again, my skin is a bit thicker than your average poster on here and our thin skinned Whale boy.

    • Travis Poulson

      Well there you go, if your skin wasn’t so thick you wouldn’t have a problem.

  • cows4me

    The pricks pushing non smoking, obesity etc greatest concern is that having battled one evil they must move on lest they become irrelevant and then unemployed. This shit is never going to end till we have a government with real balls to say enough. There are to many claiming they are of vital social importance but the reality is they have become established boils that threaten to cripple the host with their cures.

    • Hazards001

      Exactly. Fun police is now a genuine career and those that are in it have no intention of moving on to other fields when there is still food, alcohol, cars, sex, additives to food, additives to dyes,paint,beauty products…..there is plenty of room at the fun police trough.

  • Patrick

    Alcohol – alcohol is next. Way more dangerous than a few fat fucks rolling around.

  • snakebit

    It comes down to freedom. Eat what you want, smoke, drink, it up to you – thats freedom BUT the flip side to freedom is personal responsibility so no state funded heather care. If your fat clogged heart and your tar filled lungs give out on you your own your own.

    • HtD

      True, as long as kids know the full facts.

    • Hazards001

      Fair enough.
      That can come into play as soon as the taxes that were added to cover those costs are repaid to me in full with interest. All of it! Otherwise pull your head out of your arse, the amount of tax on cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol paid by the consumers more than covers their costs.

      Now double dealing cunts like the DHB’s the Govt. and with the complicate support of narrow minded cunts like you are refusing treatment for people that paid for it!

      • snakebit

        Me in support of tax to fund healthcare? You are so wrong its not funny….you must have me mixed up with some other socialist you know. Keep your money, your choices…….aaaaannnnnd your consequences.

      • snakebit

        Also its very low brow to call another person a cunt based on a single comment you happen to disagree with…..especially from the safety of cyberspace. Do it to my face and I’d have more respect for you.

        • Hazards001

          Well said. Therefore please accept my apology.

          • snakebit


  • HtD

    Though it does stink, smokers stink and it’s unpleasant to be near them, I’m not too fussed if 50 year-olds smoke. But we have a moral obligation to young people to discourage them from taking it up.