Cattle Rustler Selling Socialist Dam

In a story that is almost too good to be true the keystone cops at the Hawkes Bay Regional Council have a cattle rustler Ian “Rustle” Milner selling the dam to farmers in the dam catchment area.

Weber farmer and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council land management adviser, Ian Francis Milner, has admitted three charges of cattle theft.

Milner, 43, had originally pleaded not guilty to the charges and the matter was set down for a defended hearing. A hearing date in March was not enough time for all of the evidence to be heard and the case was back in Dannevirke District Court earlier this week.

Milner, who owns Castlecliff Farm in Weber, 40km east of Dannevirke, admitted selling the 57 cattle at the saleyards and to the meatworks for a total of $41,866.58.His defence was that one of the owners of Alpha Tahi Cattle Farm Enterprises told him he could have the cattle as they had made an error with the scanning. However, a serious oversight during cross-examination of witnesses led to Milner changing his plea.  

Judge Alistair Garland warned Milner’s lawyer Catherine Clarkson in March that Milner had admitted to taking the stock and, as the terms of the contract stated clearly all stock remained the property of Alpha Tahi, he did not believe Milner had a defence.

The socialists promoting the dam seem to be doing their best to make it fail.

A man who plead guilty to cattle rustling signing up farmers to the socialist dam makes you wonder if Metro will start running “A Visitor from Hawkes Bay” again.


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  • David Broome

    Still don’t get it WO. You, Forest & Bird, Hook & Bullet and the Green Taleban all railing against Ruataniwha. When are you going to get rid of those socialist dams in the Waitakere & Hunua’s eh or those socialist motorways? Here’s the test. It is called an election and its due really soon. Let’s see what the voters decide.