Chart of the Day – CO2 won’t roast us anytime soon

I have NEVER seen anything that so completely busts the Green Taliban’s panic as this chart does.



I don’t know about you but I think we are fast approaching the time that we need to have a few criminal inquiries regarding the ongoing fraud being perpetrated on our society by, largely bludging taxpayer funded, scientists.

They claim the oil companies have vested interests…I think now the evidence is becoming much clearer that if you thought oil barons were evil manipulators of public opinion then warmist climate scientists are far more evil and manipulative.


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  • Andy

    There is no evidence that co2 is a major driver of climate
    The dangerous AGW theory is starting to look like modern day Phlogiston

  • snakebit

    I dont care if the earth is warming. It might be, it might not. What i do feel strongly about is the idea we have somthing to do with it…we dont, so stop making us pay for it!!!!

  • Greg

    Yeah but look at the seas we are drowning and the temps are cooking us…. and we are paying ETS for this BS.

  • SteveWrathall

    Meanwhile, CO2 fertilization is causing a huge greening of the globe

  • steve and monique

    Should throw the lot of them into a volcano to appease the climate gods.

  • cows4me

    Forget the Melon Taliban, no mention of your thieving Melon mates in the National Party Whale. Is see the climate change minister ( oh fucking please ) Tim Groser has signed NZ up for another 5% reduction in carbon emissions and these are to be set below 1990 levels. What the fuck is wrong with these people, do they live with their heads stuck up their arses? Still with the lies and bullshit, how much will this cost the country, how does this help our competiveness? Is this so the wankers can go to all the climate change junkets throughout the world and say “look at us, we are so good, Little old NZ is doing it’s bit and more, aren’t we the best”. Meanwhile the people are been screwed over for hundreds of millions all on a lie, the pricks should be ashamed.

    • parorchestia

      This is doing us great harm as a culture and an economy. While I personally welcome moves toward sustainable sources of energy, with Thorium reactors my pick for best, cheapest, and safest, we are flooding the globe with hideous, expensive and environmentally damaging alternatives, such a those god-damn wind farms. I can’t find a single good thing to say about them.

      Culturally, I despair when rational science has sold its soul to baseless ideology. Science has done great things for people in the past, and much of it still is. But all the goodwill built up by, for example, the discovery of the causes and cure for bushy sickness in North Island’s sheep flocks, is being destroyed by science wallies using computer models instead of evidence.

      At least the Club of Rome had the grace to say their projections were just that – projections, and not fact.
      Those who know the computer tool MatLab may recall its warnings about projections – the manual writers used a model and projected the end of human life in about 2000.

      Hadn’t happened, of course.

      • cows4me

        Rational science hasn’t sold their souls to baseless ideology parorchestia , they’ve sold their souls for 40 pieces of silver to corrupt politicians who require a certain problem so an expensive solution will be needed to rectify a certain problem. Hence we have the thieving fucks that pass for politicians. What we have are two parasite classes working in tandem to relieve the working classes of the wealth.

  • nudgy

    Climate 101: The sun consists of 99% of the matter in our solar system. The sun controls our climate through its effect on the surface of our tiny planet more particularly on the 70% of our planet which is ocean. End of scam.

  • Chiefsfan73

    CO2 concentration during the Cambrian Explosion has been well known for a very long time. No news here. However if the AGW team are to be believed we now have special modern CO2, not like that that existed 450 million years ago. We must act now arrrrrgh!!!

  • johnbronkhorst

    I saw a documentary that said there were many more species on this planet during the Jurassic period than their are now. I wonder has anyone determined how many species existed during each of these periods and how it relates to the amount of CO2 during that time. Might be interesting to compare the ratio of plant species/abundance to animal species/abundance.
    Since plants are a carbon sink and animals are CO2 producers.
    As an aside, since the animals of the past are now a stored carbon sink (coal, oil, gas). Shouldn’t we release that store to the atmosphere (CO2) to what seems to have been the correct balance of the planet (over much of it’s 6 billion years)?

  • axeman

    “I don’t know about you but I think we are fast approaching the time that we need to have a few criminal inquiries regarding the ongoing fraud being perpetrated on our society by, largely bludging taxpayer funded, scientists.”