Chart of the Day – Cooling not Warming

Jo Nova has a beautiful chart which calls time on the nonsense of the warmists and the apologists like David Farrar and Peter Gluckman.


David Lappi is a geologist from Alaska who has sent in a set of beautiful graphs–including an especially prosaic one of the last 10,000 years in Greenland–that he put together himself (and which I’ve copied here at the top). 

If you wonder where today’s temperature fits in with the grand scheme of time on Earth since the dinosaurs were wiped out, here’s the history. We start with the whole 65 million years, then zoom in, and zoom in again to the last 12,000 from both ends of the world. What’s obvious is that in terms ofhomo sapiens history, things are warm now (because we’re not in an ice age). But, in terms of homo sapiens civilization, things are cooler than usual, and appear to be cooling.

Then again, since T-rex & Co. vanished, it’s been one long slide down the thermometer, and our current “record heatwave” is far cooler than normal. The dinosaurs would have scoffed at us: “What? You thinkthis is warm?”

With so much volatility in the graphs, anyone could play “pick a trend” and depending on which dot you start from, you can get any trend you want.


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  • OrphanIsland

    With a total swing of 4.5 degrees, pretty stable really

  • steve and monique

    Should be redirecting money from these climate change nuts into cancer research. I know which one is killing more people..

  • cows4me

    There’s only one chart that interests the current government, the main lovers of this shit and that’s the chart that shows increasing tax revenues.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I recommend a 10% carbon tax on everything that is being sold in NZ…..

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      A great idea! Then the place will have so many more economic opportunities than just buying and flogging off residential property to a “greater fool”

  • 6sn7gta

    why does it stop 95 years before the present day?

    could it be that there’s an inconvenient truth? also, there’s a bit of a jump at the end too.

    • OrphanIsland

      0.4 of a degree in the last 100 years, the sky is falling!

      Look at the green curve, then strain you brain to imagine it as a sine wave that continues both ways ….

  • 6sn7gta

    why does the graph stop at 95 years before the present date? is it too inconvenient to make it up to today, or doesn’t that provide the story that you want?

    • Manfred

      See the title on the x-axis, which goes until 2000.
      As there’s been no statistically significant warming since 1998, it matters not a jot that the years since 2000 are not shown, except you’re a warmist in which case it’s an inconvenient truth isn’t it.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay