Choices, choices

Danyl McLauchlan at DimPost blogs on the choices that Labour faces, first he dismisses the media fascination with Shane Jones and Guyon Espiner’s strange suggestion that National fears Jones:

Yes. Jones. The guy who never won a seat, who stood down after charging pornographic movies to the taxpayer, introduced laws regulating shower pressure in the middle of the 2008 election campaign when Labour struggled with the ‘nanny state’ perception, who stood down again when he was investigated for immigration fraud and now only ever speaks out to attack Labour’s largest coalition partner. That’s who National really fears.

He then discusses the real challengers: 

The actual leadership contenders are Robertson and Cunliffe. I think they’d both be pretty good. Neither of them are going to go on a bus tour of the heartland, or tell journalists they want to model themselves on Finnish neo-liberal politicians, or attack the welfare system, or hire the Paganis as political advisers, or hold up dead fish in Parliament, or forget about tens of thousands of dollars in a foreign bank account, or visit the Sky City box while the party is criticising Sky City any of the other awesomely terrible decisions Shearer made.

Neither are ideal. Robertson is a risk, partly because he’s gay and that’s an unknown commodity in New Zealand politics, partly because he’s the MP for Wellington Central, and that’ll be tricky to sell in Auckland and Christchurch. Cunliffe is a risk because, frankly, he’s very weird. We keep hearing that his caucus hate him, which seems like a ringing endorsement to me.

I don’t know which of them the party should choose.  I do know that they should listen to their god-dammed members this time around, and not just stitch something up in caucus or do a deal with the unions to block vote for a leadership team.

I wouldn’t bet against a heartland tour…it is what Goff AND Shearer did…I think it is page 3 of the “What to do when just elected leader” playbook for Labour.


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  • Col

    I hear Jacinda has put her riding cap on, with whip in hand ridingggggggggg boots, and is doing the rounds of the Labour party looking for a saddle or two, spurring up some votes for herself.

  • Agent BallSack

    Great if the caucus hates him lets all join the labour party as members and vote him in.

    • blueballs

      The membership vote has been corked, as of midnight last night no new members after that time can cast a vote.

  • Igotta Numbum

    Cunliffe is New Zealand’s version of Rudd

  • blokeintakapuna

    Between the inept, the incompetent and a Little angry bully – seems they have Hobson’s choice… but to ask Auntie back…

  • Josh Metcalfe

    Cunliffe seems good only so far as the old adage the enemy of my enemy (Labour Caucus) is my friend rings true.

  • Mickrodge

    Harder to pick than a broken nose.

    Robertson will be a pretty hard sell to the working class/pacific island faction due to his sexuality.

    Cunliffe is just a fucking idiot & disliked immensly (and a rick prick to boot).

    They’d be better off creating a new reality show called Labour’s Next Top Leader hosted by John Campbell on TV3

    Raise a bit of cash whilst they’re at it.

  • Michael

    Goff probably would do better than Cunliffe and Robertson. He’s also more electable as he still has appeal to centrist voters. I imagine he’s also learnt his lesson following the “GST off fresh fruit and veg” disaster – explaining is losing,

  • blueballs

    Labour are akin to the Wallabies, at this point in the game, 14 months till the full time whistle and the captains just limped off faking a career ending hammy injury.
    Who in their right mind will step up as captain with the knowledge that they will be shown the door before next season
    Quade cunliffe cooper the self serving arrogant pivot cant even play on his home ground without being booed.
    Andrew union Little doesnt have the respect of the forward pack because his old man sponsers the team and hes only been picked because of it.
    No one is keen to take a pass from Shane jones for fear of what bodily fluids might be on the ball.
    Robertson is already the incumbent chubby koala mascot with a penchant for naked after game oily rub downs from the male physio staff.
    And Jacinda is too busy giving the home crowd boys teeth scrapingly good gobbies behind the stands.
    All i can say is GO THE ALL BLACKS!

    • sandynobb

      Robertson has been in one cake tin only and it had fudge.

  • James Howlett

    Anyone else up for a snap election?

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Jones has the dodgy citizenship approval in his past. While not a current issue it calls into doubt his political skills in detecting a steaming heap of turds pushed toward him by caucus colleagues

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    My uncle Rajen Prasad is clean….he could be a good choice…

  • OneTrack

    The sisterhood should stand firm and demand a manban.