Coalition of liars, trimmers and charlatans are destroying Britain’s landscape

James Delingpole hooks into the UK government over the destruction of the landscape…not by mining, not by fracking, but with the expansion of subsidised wind farms.

About this time ten years ago, I enjoyed one of my happiest family holidays ever. It was on Lundy which, as Will Heaven rightly says, is the most beautiful island in Britain. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in one of the Landmark Trust properties on the island you get the place pretty much to yourself once the daytrippers have gone. There are fantastic cliffs for your children to fall off, puffins to look for (though usually not to see: we never did) and seals to go swimming with. It’s like living out an Arthur Ransome/Enid Blyton novel for real.

And now its unspoilt perfection is about to be ruined by a stupendously enormous, outrageously expensive, and totally effing useless offshore wind farm belonging to a big German energy company.

This, like so many of the wind turbines blighting our countryside, will be by far the most distinctive legacy of David Cameron’s Coalition. Long, long after we’ve all forgotten why there was such a fuss about gay marriage, the bedroom tax or the Libyan intervention, those ugly, mostly disused, turbines will still be up there, blighting every view for miles around, a monument to the folly of the policy makers who put them there, the religious zeal of the green loons who pushed for their erection and the despicable greed of the landowners and energy companies who profited by them at the expense of the poor taxpayers and energy users who had to subsidise them to the tune of 100 per cent (for onshore wind) and 200 per cent (for offshore). 

I hate wind turbines, they are visual pollution and bird smashers. I’m not at all like liberal fools like Farrar who thinks they are wonderful.

[I]n June, you’ll recall, Eric Pickles’s Department for Communities and Local Government announced, with much fanfare, that in future green energy targets would not be allowed to override the wishes of local communities to oppose wind farms. The night before it was announced I even got a call from a senior government minister briefing me about it. “I thought you’d want to know that we ARE doing something about it,” he said, proudly.

Was this minister a fool or a liar? And was Eric Pickles sold a pup or is he a liar too? Whatever, we know now for a fact all these new planning guidelines announced by Pickles’s department have made almost no difference whatsoever. Which either means that Pickles, his department, and all those senior Conservatives opposed to wind are quite disgracefully incompetent; or that Cameron has – as is his wont – allowed them to be ridden over, roughshod, by the green ideologues at DECC and by all his rich pals (not to mention his father-in-law Sir Reginald Sheffield Bt; and his deputy prime minister’s wife, Mrs Clegg) with their snouts in the renewable energy trough.

Certainly, that phone call for me was the last time I’ll ever trust anything one of Cameron’s despicable bunch of wriggling, squirmy, morally bankrupt toe rags tells me again. I loathe them with every fibre of my being, for many reasons, but for one above all: thanks to their incompetence, cowardice, cynicism and ignorance they are destroying the greatest of all our magnificent country’s assets – the matchless beauty of its countryside.

Delingpole is one of the best sledges known to man.


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  • conwaycaptain

    The wind farm that he was ranting against in that blog will be close to the Isle of Lundy in the Bristol Channel. This island has only a handful of full time residents and you can rent accommodation there for short term stays and it has a large number of day trippers to look at the wild life etc. It is off the N Cornwall coast near Tintagel Castle and it is in one of the UKs most beautiful areas with high rise and fall of tide and good winds which funnel up between Cornwall and the S Wales coast. Steamed past it many times.

  • rangitoto

    Excellent. If they build those windmills, the place might be worth a visit. The more vermin (=birds) smashed the better More windmills!!

  • philbest

    “….Delingpole is one of the best sledges known to man….”

    Do you mean “sledgers”?

    I agree, Delingpole is always delight to read.

    A couple of my all-time favourites:

    Australia’s green orchidectomy (applies to NZ too…)

    “……A week into my Australian tour and I already I love the country and its
    people so much I could happily stay here forever. There’s just one small problem – well, one bloody big problem actually: the rampaging political correctness. How,
    in God’s name, did the robust, no-nonsense pioneer spirit of the original settlers who carved an earthly paradise out of burning hell allow itself to be watered down, warped and wimpified by a minority of tofu-knitting greens and tight-sphinctered lefties?…..”

    Australia you are so totally gay

    “……I mean “gay”, of course, in the offensive, playground, politically incorrect sense of the word. As in: “Your Dad’s car is totally gay.” Or: “That shark was so gay he didn’t even manage to take your whole leg off.” This is the kind of usage that would you have you arrested in Australia these days, such is the gag-making political correctness of the land they once called the Lucky Country but which now ought more properly to be named the Haringey of the Southern Hemisphere.

    When I tell this to people who’ve never been to Oz they are usually surprised. Australia, they imagine, is a rugged, no-nonsense place wherethe men all look a bit like Crocodile Dundee (or, at least, the late Steve Irwin), and where their idea of a chat-up line to the Sheilas on Bondi beach is “Hey Sheila. Do you want a ****?” (to which they’ll add, if Sheila is reluctant: “Well would you mind just lying there while I
    have one?”)

    But it’s just not true. Australia handed in its testicles to the progressives long ago.

    Its state broadcaster ABC is so hysterically left-wing it makes the BBC look like Fox News, while its resident eco-fascists are so rampant they make our RSPCA look as red-meat as the Heythrop in full cry. As for its Press Council – well, just check out its latest ruling regarding an article published in the Australian earlier this year by a visiting Pommie journalist who wrote a hard-hitting expose of Australia’s wind farm scam…..”