Compulsory viewing for all conspiracy theorists


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  • thor42

    Good stuff!

    I have a list of links to some excellent sites that completely debunk the BS of so-called “9/11 truthers” (never has there been a less-appropriate moniker).

    The one at the top is the site of an ex-truther who realised that it was all bullshit. … ws/1227842 … y-channel/

    http://truthersaresanitychallenged.word … ther-lies/ … -theories/ … lations-3/

  • Rodger T

    Buzz Aldrin knows how to deal with Tinfoil hatters,

    • Travis Poulson

      Good job, what a disgraceful thing to say from that foolish conspiracy theorist who probably wasn’t even thought of when Buzz went into space. Should have followed up with a left hook.

      • And a kick to the nads

        • Kimbo

          Your assuming a gutless yellow coward who tried to bully an octagenarian like that has some nads to kick.

  • cows4me

    I wonder how mr photo man explains the same landscape ( exact position of rocks hills in different missions) .Yes we have been to the moon but there has been a lot of arse covering horseshit after said event..

    • WayneO

      Really? Because I know a lot of lunar photos and videos have been incorrectly attributed to the various lunar missions. For example the famous film of the Saturn rockets 1st stage breaking away and falling back to earth is often said to come from Apollo 11 (the first to land on the moon) but in fact it was filmed in one of the early Apollo missions that didn’t leave earth orbit. Chinese whispers over time….
      Aside from that, yes it is certain the US landed men on the moon. It’s actually not that difficult. Any university physics student can (assuming they had a good teacher) calculate the requirements in a few hours with a pocket calculator. The hardest part was making a huge rocket that was reliable enough and that is beyond doubt as the launch was witnessed by thousands or possibly millions. Also, the Russians were watching and didn’t call bullshit.

  • Brilliant. A good film and photo tech explaining why it can’t be done.