Conflict of Interest at Dodgy Socialist Dam?

There is more from the Keystone Cops at the Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

Councillors on the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s investment company board could be replaced to resolve the perceived conflict of interest around the Ruataniwha Catchment proposal.

In politics perception is reality and the perception is the HBRC are a pack of clowns who have no control over their staff.

It could involve replacing two of the three councillors on the investment company board, or leaving the matter up to the next council when it’s voted in, following the October election.

A report by its interim chief executive Liz Lambert and corporate services manager Paul Drury said legal advice confirmed there was no actual conflict of interest for councillor-directors on the board at present. But earlier reports showed the issue was one of perception and predetermination around decisions to be made on the catchment proposal, which included the construction of a major dam.?

They already had to move their highly unpopular CE.

Earlier in the year, the regional council’s chief executive Andrew Newman had been transferred to work on the catchment proposal as the investment company’s managing director, removing any perception there was a conflict of interest in his role.

Socialists wanting to own the means of production are a relic from last century. Publicly funded water storage to allow 150 farmers to make money is corporate welfare at its worst. Farmers should remember how the reforms of the 80s unleashed New Zealand?s potential and not want to go back to the terrible days of subsidies.